Why does music stop when i open facebook

Why does music stop when i open facebook

Why does music stop when i open facebook

Why does music stop when i open facebook Have you ever encountered this kind of scenario where while you open your Facebook application, the gambling Apple Music stops for your iPhone? If so, do you realize why establishing Facebook stops the track Do you realize the way to restore this issue? If now no longer, simply depend on the subsequent content!

Why Does Facebook Stop My Music?

Both Apple Music and Facebook apps are big and data-heavy. If you operate them at an equal time, it should position a little pressure on your iPhone`s processor. Although maximum Apple telephones can manage that. Yet, there are some instances wherein establishing source-heavy software will lead Apple Music to prevent gambling or maybe crash.

Data-heavy apps require the hardware tool to spare greater sources like processors, memory, and garage to run them. So, it’s miles viable that establishing such an app will pressure different walking apps to shut, particularly the only this is additionally data-heavy.

How to Stop Facebook from Stopping Music?

After knowing “why does my track prevent gambling once I open Facebook”, next, let`s see the way to prevent Facebook from pausing the track.

Apple Music will prevent gambling tracks while you open Facebook if there may be a video on FB this is auto-gambling. Also, Facebook will auto-play films as you begin scrolling thru them. You might also additionally see a few versions in quantity while you release Facebook, that’s a result of the mic and sound manipulation being required with the aid of using FB.

1 Deactivate Auto Play

First of all, you may try and deactivate the automated play of the video in Facebook settings. In Facebook settings, scroll right down to Preferences and faucet on Media. Then, pick Never autoplay films to show off the characteristics and restart Facebook.

2 Turn off the Camera

Secondly, you may visit your iPhone settings, then navigate to Facebook settings, and flip off Facebook`s get admission to the tool camera. Then, you may scroll thru Facebook and pay attention to Apple track concurrently without the cited problem. If you watch a video, the track will pause. Yet, it’s going to resume while the video finishes.

3 Disable Facebook Sound

In the 0.33 place, you may mute the sound withinside the Facebook app to keep away from the hole of FB interrupting Apple Music. Just navigate to Facebook Settings > Account Settings > Sounds and uncheck In-App Sound. Then, the auto-play function can be disabled.

4 Close Other Running Apps

Just as cited above, too many walking applications or offerings will consume the phone`s sources. Thus, any other manner to prevent Facebook from blocking off track is to shut as much different gear as viable, particularly those walking withinside the background.

To gain that, simply the faucet at the Home button two times and wipe it up to shut the displayed app. You are encouraged to do this frequently when you consider that it’s going to assist to enhance the rate of your iPhone and optimize its performance.

5 Relaunch iPhone

If the above techniques fail to prevent the track from preventing while on Facebook, one extra answer is to restart your iPhone to pressure near all walking apps and offerings. This can also additionally eliminate a few insects or system faults with the Facebook app.

However, doing a good way to additionally reset your auto-play settings to the default and make it enabled. You want to disable the auto-play function once whendidreleasedate more to try and restore the issue. Why does music stop when i open facebook

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