How long to charge elf bar 5000

How long to charge elf bar 5000

How long to charge elf bar 5000

How long to charge elf bar 5000 The Elf Bar BC5000 is a small box-fashion disposable vape famed for its capability, taste overall performance, and wide-ranging menu of flavors. Many regard Elf Bar as a logo to have several quality flavors at the market.

Should you get an Elf Bar BC5000? And what are the quality Elf Bar flavors?

There are greater than forty-five flavors to pick from with the BC5000, in alternatives for five%, 3%, and 0 nicotine. But notwithstanding its small length, the Elf Bar BC5000 holds a whopping thirteen mL and as much as 5000 puffs. It runs on a 650 mAh rechargeable battery that powers an excessive-overall performance twin-coil.

Does the Elf Bar truly have 5000 puffs?

That`s difficult to say, however, there certainly appears to be an official thirteen mL of juice withinside the little tool. So but many puffs it takes to eat it all, it`s pretty excessive.

Size, appearance, and feel

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a compact and fascinating little tool. It`s a by-product of the vintage ELEAF iCare frame with a flattened and squared shape factor. It`s manufactured from PCTG plastic with contrasting textures of the sleek components on the pinnacle (mouthpiece) and bottom (recharge segment) with the matte end around the primary frame.

The colorway’s appearance is attractive to the attention and is suggestive of the flavors. Although I`m now no longer partial to the excessive-key shades for vapes, they`re nonetheless tastefully executed.

The tool has a small footprint notwithstanding housing a lot of liquid. It`s handiest seventy-nine mm x forty-one mm x 19 mm. Considering the “mega” disposables formed like mechanical mods that preserve much less juice than these, I`d say Elf Bar hit a domestic run with the capability and length of those devices.

Getting started

The Elf Bar BC5000 handiest calls for eliminating the product from its packaging to get started. Simply puff at the tool whilst you`re ready. There`s no adjustable airflow or other elements of the tool that want fiddling. It`s as easy as it gets. Once the tool stops hitting, the battery is depleted and desires a price through the Type-C price port positioned on the lowest of the tool.

How does it hit?

The Elf Bar BC5000 has a pleasant MTL draw. It hits quietly with handiest a mild crackle and hisses from the airflow.

The throat hit is tremendously depending on the nicotine stage you pick, growing with the nicotine strength. Regardless, throughout the spectrum of flavors, the general hit is consistent. The twin coil withinside the Elf Bar BC5000 plays at an excessive stage for a disposable.

And the wicking maintains up with chain vaping, now no longer as soon as giving me an awful hit. Even whilst the juice begins offevolved to deplete, the flavor lessens sufficient to inform you it`s nearly out, in place of providing you with a wonder fried hit.

Are the flavors any good?

Yes, the flavors are pretty good. Easily a number of the quality flavors in a disposable. The variety is vast. Fruits, candy, liquids and cocktails, mint and icy flavors, or even tobacco. Most are fruit taste mash-ups, however, there are a few singular-observe flavors as well. Technically, handiest dessert (strawberry cream).

The majority of the flavors, like in maximum disposables, have a cooling sensation or are straight-up icy flavors. The tobacco taste has no cooling sensation.

I`ve attempted nearly 1/2 of their flavors so far. There have been handiest a pair I didn`t like as lots because the others, however even the one’s ones I nonetheless vaped till empty. These are the quality Elf Bar flavors I attempted.

What are the quality Elf Bar flavors?

While that is tremendously subjective, I suppose the quality of Elf Bar flavors is their liquids and cocktails, particularly their tropical flavors.

Their pina colada and pineapple flavors are pinnacle-notch. Juicy, bright, and flavorful. In general, there`s a variety of men or women to those flavors. whendidreleasedate Here are my pinnacle five out of the flavors that I`ve attempted. How long to charge elf bar 5000

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