death note season 2 release date

death note season 2 release date

death note season 2 release date

death note season 2 release date

The death note series is the biggest, and this is the most well-known series in the world. The series was first released in Japan in 2006; 37 episodes were released in the first. In the first series, many episodes of the first series Death Note series started as popular manga series. 

This series is an adventurous book that a pun boy discovered, and he discovered the book in a fateful way. Later, the notebook convert into a death note.

 In this book, the name of any person written in it will not live much more than this book. When the first series was released, then the fans will amorously await the second series of death Note 2. death note season 2 release date.

The Death Note seasons attention to the catches:

After its debut, 15 years in all teem, it was one of the most popular the profitable anime, the death note. The series of death notes written by the Tsugumi anime and by the Takeshi Obata it’s drawn in October 2006 when it debuted. In Japan, this series was airing. A second season of the anime was also being anticipated, and the audiences waited for it for the longest period. death note season 2 release date

The released date of the Death note season 2:

The Death Note series 2 also started its life as a popular manga series by the Takeshi oblate series illustrated and also it id written by Tsugumi Ohba. The Death Note series is also focused on the adventures of the Light Yagami, in which a teenage genius discovered an adventurous notebook discovered mysterious notebook. And later, in the Death Note notebook, it turns out the notebook, Called the Ryuk in it dropped the magical artifact into the Lightpath. It is also an intense responsibility to AOL shoulder; the thing which happened is that in the book, what name was written, the person soon will die.

It also means that planet he eventually seeks under the crime the alias of Kira- out- and Lao by police the smokier given to gym. In many consequences, Light’s choices breed, in the form of the chiefly of the Kira Investigation Team, by the Mysteries detective L headed.

some more:

 In 2006 it was also the manga anime adaptation first premiered, and on a single day, it only produced the storyline of the manga series, the main thrust the show also manages. Still, mire fans there continue to clamor. In fact, in the year 2002 yearly, Viz media also published the manga set universe within the series. The a-Kira story.

In October, the total episode of the series was 37 anime television series adaptations in 2006 and until June 2007. 8.63/10 out of 2191,877 votes in the anime on MyAmineList is astounding.

death note season 2 release date

death note season 2 release date


When they released the first season, then long after, the fans also awaited the second season. However, this hits anime that the studio produces, then about the renal remain the tightlipped.

To the original death anime for so long, the fans will have to wait for the sequels. The Death Note 2, there are many speculations on the way, is ready. Unfortunately, a sequel about the original any id happening there ar sequels is confirmed.

You have also been a wonder to think that it took so long for Madhouse to come up for the series with the sequels of the first any the extreme popularity. In which the lack of the source material. The series of the manage on which are based contains the 108 chapters collected in 12 tankobon volumes. death note season 2 release date

death note season 2 release date

About the Cat of the Deat Notes series season 2: 

  1. Yagami
  2. Sachiko Yagami is a Japanese actress
  3. Ryuuk
  4. Ayako Yoshino is a Japanese actress,
  5. Kiyomi Takada is a Japanese actress
  6. Watari
  7. Yagam Souichirou
  8. Amane Misa
  9. Yagami Sayu
  10. Janzou Mogi is a character in the anime Kanzou Mogi
  11. Sanami
  12. Shuuichi Aizawa is a Japanses actor
  13. MatsudoTouto
  14. Rem
  15. Demagaw, Yuuji
  16. Hirokazu Ukita is a Japanese actor.
  17. Akajo, yotarou
  18. Saeki

The Death Note season 2 Plot: death note season 2 release date

In Death Note Season 2, the Shinigami, the Gods of Death, have. The ability to murder everybody in the human realm. However, it is no longer the same as the Shinigami, and a gloomy monotone experience has been overtaken. Roku, a fatigued Shinigami in the human section, decides to leave his wallet someplace in this world.

The Protagonist, Light Yagami, notices a notebook that appears out of nowhere and examines it to approach ivy. As a result, every thin written in the book will have a joke based on the regulations.

Out of pure curiosity, he also chooses to investigate, and that’s one in which everything changes. He slowly realizes the Cat can control all sinners with the death notes. He also has the god’s energy and sets out on a mission.


The audience sees his death notes series; most people like their ideas while others think he is a psychopath. The brilliant investigator named L takes up the case; in a mental battle, Light and L engage. Then with each episode, the stakes Rie, but of the Cat and mouse with the deadly game champion. At their ill also be the obey winners.

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