Best movies of all time | 17 Best movies that you should watch immediately

Best movies of all time

Best movies of all time | 17 Best movies that you should watch immediately

Best movies of all time | 17 Best movie’s that you should watch immediately

On a screen, it was 1895 when Auguste and Louis Lumiere used da cinematographer machine to project moving images. Ever since, Audiences have been enraptured by cinema. Since the early days of 50-second reels, naturally moving has come a long way, and the best movie of all time arguably represents the pinnacle of artistic achievement. Here I made a list of the best movies you must watch.

Best movie’s of all time’s:

  1. Amadeus (1984):
  2. The Hurt Locker (2008)
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015):
  4. The Truman Show (1998):
  5. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946):
  6. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)
  7. Finding Nemo (2003):
  8. The Circus (1928)
  9. Stagecoach (1939)
  10. The Producers (1967)
  11. Little Women (2019)
  12. Days of Heaven (1978):
  13. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946):
  14. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)
  15. Finding Nemo (2003):
  16. The Silence of the Lambs (1991):
  17. The best year of our Lives (1946):
  1. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007): Best movies of all time

As an Acclaimed painter before he transitioned into film, Julian Schnabel was best known for this French biographical drama resulting. For magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, it tells the true story of “locked-in syndrome who suffers from. At its unique and compelling pace, interweaving memory, surrealism the movie glides along. The Amadeus movie is nominated for four Oscars, best film editing and best Oscar.

  • Julian Schnabel director
  • 89.6 Stacker score
  • 92 Metascore
  1. The Hurt Locker:

Kathryn Bigelow’s career hit a second stride in “The Hurt Locker,” Next, the film follows a bomb disposal team from one job. On a wave of sustained and almost unbearable tension, the story coasts. The first woman in history to win Best Director, she won a total of six Academy Awards.

  • George Miller Director
  • 90 Metascore
  • 89.1 Stacker score
  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015):

In his classic “Mad Max” franchise in 2015, director George Miller resurrected the lead role with Tom Hardware by Mel Gibson. In this dazzling adventure movie, most fans would argue it is Charlize Theron’s, Furiosa most fans would argue, of an evil warlord who sees Mad Max escaping the clutches. By all sorts of depraved humans, the explosive action goes down in a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited. For which it was nominated, the film took home six of the 10 Academy.

  • George Miller Director
  • 89.1 Stacker score
  • 90 Metascore
  1. The Truman Show (1998): Best movies of all time

1998’s “The Truman Show” in a completely fabricated town takes place, Is an actor or actress where cameras lurk behind every corner and every. Of a 24+ hour reality show, the unwitting subject. Behind his existence, as Truman catches on to the truth to collapse around him, the cozy reality begins as the Truman Show Delusion has arisen in its wake, proving just how poignant the movie was and reminding psychological conditions.

  • Peter Weir director
  • 89.1 Stacker score
  • 90 Metascore
  1. Finding Nemo (2003): Best movies of all time

On storytelling and computer animation alike, given Pixar’s masterful grip, This 2003 adventure onto their most celebrated efforts, to find his mission son in which a clownfish named Marlin navigates a perilous undersea.

  • Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich director
  • 89.1 Stack score
  • 90 Metascore
  1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991):

On the big screen, this 1991 crime drama was not the first to put Hannibal Lecter up; The most impactful was certainly. With an FBI Agent who engages in a battle of wits starling as he helps her track down named Buffalo Bill.

  • Jonathan Demme director
  • 89.1 Stacker score
  • 85 Metascore
  1. The Circus (1928):

With tender in “The Circus,” Charlie Chaplin bridged slapstick comedy. In the middle of a circus performance, Chaplin’s role was the Little Tramp, a drifter who gets hired as a clown while trying to evade police officers. With a bareback rider as a clown, little Tramp is only funny when he is not trying to be and suffers from an ill-faced infatuation.

  • Charles Chaplin Director
  • Stack score 89.5
  • Metascore 90
  1. Stagecoach (1939) Best movies of all time

In his breakthrough role as the Ringo Kid, “Stagecoach goes down in history as the film featuring John Wayne. While the threat of outlaws from Arizona Territory to New Mexico, the storyline follows a ragtag group of characters abroad overboard Stagecoach en route, around brand waits or Apache attack.

  • John Ford director
  • 89.5 Stacker score
  • 93 Metascore
  1. The Producer (1967):

The biggest Broadway flop of all time Putting show business in its crosshairs, this snatching satire follows two scheming producers. As a classic today, even so, the film is regarded. And what’s more, and for original screenplay, the movie earned books his sole Academy Award.

  • Mel Books Director
  • 89.5 Stacker score
  • 96 Metascore
  1. Little Women (2019):

To swallow make her 2020 Oscars snub that much harder; as a variety auteur, Greta Gerwig’s sophomore directional effort cemented her status. A talented cast, Actor Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlon plays the March sisters, Florence Pugh, and March sisters. 

Best movies of all time

Best movies of all time

Greta Gerwig’s the director

  • 89.6 Stacker Score
  • 91 Metascore
  1. Days of Heaven:

During the 20th century, set the turn, Days of Heaven, it’s a story of a romantic couple Texas farm to be siblings pretend. After this film was released, True to their mysterious persona, Malick went. By the Library of Congress in 2007 for preservation in the National Film Registry.

  • Terrence Malick director
  • 93 Metascore.
  • 89.6 Stacker score
  1. The best year of our Lives (1946):

After serving in World War II, in this harrowing 1946 drama, three soldiers return home after serving in society then. In the United States National Film Registry in 1989, the picture was also one of the first 25 films selected by the Library of Congress for preservation.

  • William Wyler director
  • 92 Metascore
  • Stacker score 89.6


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