Windows 12 release date

window 12 release date

Windows 12 release date

Windows 12 release date:

Microsoft always growing and developing new software products. When windows 11 is launching you also heard about the Windows 12 release. When is the window 12 release? It’s becoming a common question that most people ask the same questions due to curiosity. You can read out the following details to get the answer


The Release date:

The New window of Microsoft will be released soon in 2022 the window 12 with new features. In the range of months of the previous year between April to October, Microsoft launched this product before. You are waiting for this software shortly for the official launching and releasing date of the software.

From Windows Update or ISO window 12 files the first in doing updates. To reinstall and install windows 12 another option is this. Before you install an update program it will become an important consideration, especially on the operating system related to the major update system.

window 12 release date

window 12 release date

window 12 new features:

About the update the most interesting part of a major. A lot of charges to be bringing moreover the millions OS is rumored. If you want to know about the window 12 features and upgrade bringing.

  1. HDR support
  2. In task manager power usage
  3. Search Preview window 12
  4. From the Laptop texting
  5. Window 12 iso Snip and Sketch
  6. Clip board window 12
  7. Dark mode


How to manually update Window 12:

  1. From the bottom left corner select the start button.
  2. Go to setting
  3. Security ion and select the update
  4. Next choose the window update tab
  5. If there is an available update, select check for updates, it will begin automatically downloading.

Final Words:

In this article, I have discussed about Windows 12 release date.

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