Why westies are the worst

Why westies are the worst

Why westies are the worst

Why westies are the worst The Scottish Highlands are domestic to the Westie, a medium-sized canine breed this is famous withinside the dog world. They are certainly famous amongst Westie proprietors, however they’ll now no longer be suitable for all puppy proprietors.

There are high quality and bad factors to this breed, as with another. Though bear in mind that now no longer all puppies are the equal simply due to the fact they’re of a positive sort of breed.

The first-class technique to educate and bond together along with your Westie, whether or not you already very own one or are thinking about getting one, is to get to realize their quirks and precise developments.

Westies was not unusualplace looking puppies; they have got amazing stamina and excessive electricity tiers, and that they nonetheless like being outside. Having been operating puppies they own a very good quantity of electricity as herbal ratters however aren’t as hyper as different terriers like Jack Russells. Westies also are regularly visible competing at canine shows.

Why Westies Are The Worst Dogs

All in their true points, however, aren’t with out their drawbacks, and proudly owning a Westie may be a actual undertaking for a few humans. Westie puppies aren’t appropriate for every person due to the fact being terriers their schooling may be extensive.

Full of electricity and like to dig

Westies have been bred to hunt, as formerly stated. Because of this, they want a very good quantity of day by day exercising and also are liable to digging. This may be one of the maximum unwanted functions in a canine for a few humans.

Due to those inherited characteristics, Westies are constantly searching out a process to do, and if they’re now no longer given ok exercising, they may entertain themselves. The final results of which isn’t always constantly to the Westie owner`s liking.

When their proprietors are away, Westies had been regarded to wreak havoc withinside the house, whether or not they`re doggies or senior puppies. A Westie`s electricity wishes to be channeled into normal walks and exercising, even supposing they may be educated to decrease those habits.

They can stay in smaller apartments, however due to their boisterousness, they aren`t precisely lapdogs and require a enormous time and effort to ensure they`re stored busy.

Possibility of aggression

Westies, on the only hand, might not be as competitive as a number of their terrier relatives. However, this doesn’t rule out the opportunity that they could emerge as adverse puppies.

Because in their origins and history, they have got a variety of extra electricity that may sometimes become aggression, in particular towards different puppies and different animals. Having a Westie in a family with a couple of different pets isn’t always recommended. They will genuinely now no longer tolerate small rodents withinside the house.

They may be protecting in their territory and competitive towards different breeds. Westies are regarded to be pretty vocal, and this may be one of the causes. In a few cases, they may nip at positive breeds of puppies at the same time as out on a walk. Our Westie, for example, does now no longer like big yellow puppies, so we should be extraordinarily vigilant round them.

Prone to barking

Westies are as a substitute noisy puppies in general, so expect them to bark, whimper, and whine.Some humans love this approximately them, and that they may be fantastic watchdogs. But the ones searching for a canine this is quiet,

calm, and even-tempered may also need to influence clean of this one. For starters, condo citizens who need to keep away from traumatic the buddies ought to suppose two times approximately getting a Westie.

You can examine extra approximately barking problems in our Westie Barking Guide.


Even aleven though Westies are intelligent, they’re additionally cussed and headstrong, developments that is probably damaging to a a success relationship. If you may get a Westie pup educated, you may have a excellent relationship, however it is probably an extended avenue to get there.

Because in their excessive tiers of electricity, an inclination towards aggression, and strong-willed spirit, Westies have unique schooling necessities designed for terriers. Generally speaking, Westies aren’t advised for first-time canine proprietors who lack experience. The Westie wishes a person to appearance as much as and comply with to be able to thrive in a relationship.

On the intense side, maximum Westies are keen to thrill their proprietors, and that they`ll do some thing it takes to get there.

Needs grooming

Non-dropping puppies have many advantages, however their fur calls for extra maintenance than a trendy canine`s. Every 3-four months, Westies want to be groomed professionally to save you their stunning white double coats from turning into tangled and matted. They additionally gain from day by day brushing and the occasional bath.

Westies are a breed to keep away from in case you need an easy-to-care-for breed while not having to commit a variety of time, money, or electricity to grooming.

Why Westies Are The Best Dogs

The Westie is a canine breed that may be discovered all around the world, now no longer simply withinside the United Kingdom. Although their reputation has fallen in latest years, Westies continue to be an iconic breed and are nonetheless plenty sought after (they’re variety forty six at the maximum famous puppies listing of the American Kennel Club). With their intelligence and tenacity, those puppies can function remarkable watchdogs in your own circle of relatives domestic.

Friendly temperament

The West Highland White Terrier is one of the least competitive terrier breeds, however what we stated in advance approximately their tendency to emerge as competitive. They, like another puppies, have a wild side, however usually, they’re cheerful, outgoing, and revel in spending time with humans.

Generally, they’re a very good healthy for households with children (even though now no longer really helpful to have round very small children).Friendly whendidreleasedate puppies are much less probably to get worried or anxious; they may comply with your lead and reply nicely to calm electricity. Why westies are the worst

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