Why i stopped using my Denman brush

Why i stopped using my Denman brush

Why i stopped using my Denman brush

Why i stopped using my Denman brush I was the usage of my Denman brush for approximately 10 years. I offered it once I had my first perm, and in no way regarded back. The bristles are crafted from herbal animal hairs, which I love due to the fact they aren`t plastic or anxious to the scalp.

Plus, they may be constant to manage in 3 places, now no longer like maximum brushes, which makes them a lot extra durable! The weblog explains why they stopped the usage of their Denman brush and the way they felt approximately it.

What is a Denman Brush?

Pampering your ft is something that human beings experience doing. I even have visible many ladies who use a broom to scrub their ft with cleaning soap earlier than going to bed. This may be risky due to the fact cleaning soap can dry out your pores and skin or reason blistering.

I commenced the usage of my Denman Brush, which become endorsed through my dermatologist, years in the past to make sure that my ft are well wiped clean and conditioned earlier than bedtime.

Why do human beings use a Denman Brush?

People who use a Denman apply it to their heads and on their bodies. It could be very flexible and those who use one say that it saves them time, due to the fact it may be used as a broom for both. A Denman comes with a broom that is made from soft, bendy bristles that comply with the contours of your head which makes it super for styling strands of hair.

Why did I forestall the usage of the brush?

I had my brush for approximately a yr and cherished it. It additionally helped that it made my hair a lot less complicated to clean, however, I nonetheless didn`t suppose I had to update it with a brand new one. Then, I observed that the bristles have been getting quite bent and are now no longer as smooth as they as soon as have been.

This is one I found out that they weren`t lasting as long as they used to and this sincerely commenced to offer me pause. So now that I`m performed with my brush, I`ll be searching into investing in a few different add-ons like brushes or combs with the intention to remaining longer with much less worry

I don`t have time for that!

When I first commenced the usage of my Denman brush, it felt like a revelation. When I used the brush, my hair become left feeling softer and shinier simply from brushing. It has become part of my morning habit for a while. However, after a while passed, I started to realize that this device had a few critical limitations.


My motives for now no longer the usage of my Denman brush completely stem from the truth that it made my hair sense like straw. After some weeks of usage, I observed that my hair become breaking and splitting whendidreleasedate on the ends, that’s most effective including the harm because of over-washing. Why i stopped using my Denman brush

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