Why her episode 13

Why her episode 13

Why her episode 13

Why her episode 13 Episode thirteen starts with Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) confronting Director Baek for his errors and his infinite excuses. She walks away after promising to convey justice to Kim Dong Goo/ Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop).

On the alternative hand, Choi Yoon Sang (Bae In Hyuk) calls Oh Soo Jae When Oh Soo Jae picked up the phone, she overheard Gong Chan and Choi Yoon Sang speakme pronouncing that Kim Dong Goo cheated Oh Soo Jae, and he or she deserted him.

But Gong Chan stood his floor and understood

her intentions at the back of her decision. This line made Oh Soo Jae cry her eyes out. At the cease of the episode, tensions had been excessive among Choi Tae Guk and Gong Chan. “Kim Dong Goo confessed, and there had been no problems in the course of the research and trial procedure,” Choi Tae Guk recalled in the course of the faux trial. “Do you trust so,” he asked. Then Gong Chan declared, “I will locate the culprit,” adding, “I will find out the real culprit who made Kim Dong Goo the culprit and Roh Byung Chul the culprit or even killed him.”

Episode 14 starts with Oh Soo Jae receiving the maximum surprising news.

Choi Tae Guk tells Oh Soo Jae now no longer to dig up the incident that came about 10 years ago. He is aware of she`s getting toward the fact and throws a curveball, telling her she has a daughter. Turns out that Jae Yi is her daughter. Oh Soo Jae and Choi Ju Wan had slept collectively and he or she went to the U.S. to supply the infant. Back then, CEO Choi lied to her and informed her she had a stillbirth and concealed the infant from her. He suggests a paternity take a look at that proves it.

When she unearths out, she is going into surprise mode and is not able to pay attention anymore. CEO Choi then diverts the conversations closer to how she can be able to by no means be capable of discover what definitely passed off lower back then and that she have to be a part of his palms and climb up the ladder. She slapped Ju Wan later, who didn`t take it lightly.

Things move South on the cease of the episode

whilst Oh Soo Jae first reads the paternity take a look at consequences and is now certain she`s her daughter. She plans to satisfy and dine with Gong Chan to inform him some thing essential however Im Seung Yeon calls and tells her she`s misplaced Jae Yi. Jae Yi didn`t react nicely whilst her mom informed her she`s leaving for the U.S. and that she has to live together along with her father.

Oh Soo Jae unearths her and makes her sense higher approximately the situation.

She takes the kid lower back to her mother and father, Jae Yi receives excited seeing her mother and father throughout the street and makes a decision to run closer to them however a bus is available in her manner whendidreleasedate and he or she meets with a horrible accident. In an instant, Oh Soo Jae misplaced her daughter again. The episode ends with a heavy note. Why her episode 13

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