Why does t dally want johnny to turn himself in

Why does t dally want johnny to turn himself in

Why does t dally want johnny to turn himself in

Why does t dally want johnny to turn himself in Dally doesn`t need Johnny to show himself in due to the fact he has helped him with this a whole lot already and he does not need his assistance to visit waste and he does not need Johnny to move even though with prison due to the fact Dally is aware of what it feels like.

Why does Dally try and sway Johnny from turning himself in?

Dally appears indignant as their power returns, and Johnny and Ponyboy suppose it is due to the fact he’s irritated they did not flip themselves in earlier if at all, to keep his trouble. But he explains “in a pleading, excessive voice” that he simply does not need Johnny to get hardened in prison.
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What web page does Johnny inform Dally he desires to flip himself in?

Johnny shocks Dally by telling him he desires to pass returned to domestic and confess to his crime.

What is real approximately Dally and Johnny’s dating?

The dating among those boys may be very interdependent. Just earlier than Johnny dies, his dating with Dally is clarified when Dally tells Johnny that he’s happy with him:

“Johnny’s eyes glowed. Dally turned into happy with him. That turned into all Johnny had ever desired.” And Dally desires Johnny as whole lot as Johnny desires Dally.

Why does Dally hit Ponyboy at the return?

Because if Ponyboy does something incorrect social offerings will take him up, and he must attend to him. When Ponyboy threw the closing youngster out of the burning church a falling ember fell on johnny’s return, breaking it his returned.

Why does Johnny suppose Dally is a hero?

Johnny thinks that he’s a hero due to the fact if Dally didn’t provide them the gun and money they were given in combat they could don’t have anything to combat returned with to shield them.

Why does Dally like Johnny a lot?

The motive he cherished Johnny a lot turned into due to the fact Johnny turned into the whole thing Dally could not be. Johnny felt matters deeper (like Ponyboy) than the opposite greasers and found out that there has been precise withinside the world. Dally then felt adored it turned into his motive to keep Johnny’s “innocence” (his emotions, mind, etc.)

Why does Johnny respect Dally a lot?

Johnny, on the opposite hand, even though quieter and greater timid than Ponyboy, unearths it in himself to respect Dally and to appear beyond his intimidating exterior. Dally does now no longer scare him however alternatively fascinates him, and he holds a romanticized imaginative, and prescient of Dally as an honorable Southern gentleman.

Who is the real hero of The Outsiders?

Ponyboy Curtis is the protagonist of The Outsiders. He is likewise the novel’s narrator, and because of this, he stocks his tale of maturation from his perspective. Ponyboy’s war reconciles his social magnificence status and gang club together along with his individuality publications the whole novel.

What turned into Dally’s reaction to Johnny’s demise?

Dally knew what he desired after the demise of Johnny: He desired to die. He pulled an unloaded gun if you want to pressure the police to shoot him. The reality that his gang witnessed the demise of their 2d gang member in someday shows that possibly the circle of mild turned into for them.

Why do Johnny and Ponyboy flip to Dally for assistance?

Ponyboy and Johnny grew to become to Dally for assistance, due to the fact they believed that Dally could understand what to do. Also, they knew that Dally would not inform every person else. Dally gave them a loaded gun and $50. Why did Ponyboy sense that he and Johnny could be in hiding for the relaxation in their lives

Who killed Bob withinside the outsiders?

Ponyboy regains awareness to discover his mendacity on the ground. He is after Johnny—and after Bob’s corpse. Johnny tells Ponyboy that he (Johnny) whendidreleasedate killed Bob due to the fact the Socs have been going to drown Ponyboy and beat up Johnny. Why does t dally want johnny to turn himself in

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