Why does ramen have so much sodium

Why does ramen have so much sodium

Why does ramen have so much sodium

Why does ramen have so much sodium We`re the primary to confess it`s tough to byskip up a piping warm bowl of ramen. It`s one of these enduring consolation meals that appear to test off all of the boxes — it`s brimming with savory flavors and chewy textures, it`s smooth to make, and it`s a laugh to eat.

But take one study of the vitamin labels of the pinnacle ramen manufacturers accessible and you`ll locate that they`re some distance from being the healthiest option. Aside from the truth that maximum the spontaneous ramen noodles provide nearly no dietary value (they`re low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein), they`re additionally excessive in carbs, saturated fat, preservatives, and sodium.

So, what`s a ramen lover to do?

In this guide, we`ll destroy the data approximately sodium, and why ramen commonly has an excessive amount of it. We`ll additionally provide a few smooth methods so that you could experience a bowl of low-sodium ramen while not having to surrender on taste.

What Is Sodium?

While maximum humans use the terms “sodium” and “salt” interchangeably, it`s essential to be aware that they`re now no longer precisely identical things. Sodium is a crucial mineral for healthy nerves and muscles. But the reason that the human frame can`t produce it, you ought to get it via diet.

Sodium happens evidently in lots of meals, along with meat, dairy, veggies, and seafood. It`s additionally brought to meals, specifically the ones which might be processed and packaged like deli meats, canned soup, snacks, and spontaneous ramen.

On the opposite hand, salt (i.e., sodium chloride) is a crystal-like compound that incorporates sodium (approximately 40%) and chloride (60% chloride). While it has much less sodium than straight-up sodium, it`s nonetheless a good-sized supply of the mineral.

How Consuming Too Much Sodium Affects Your Health

Consuming immoderate quantities of sodium has some dangerous effects. It can growth your threat of stroke, coronary heart disease, excessive blood pressure, osteoporosis, persistent kidney disease, or even belly cancer.

You are probably thinking how it’s far that humans are eating a lot of sodium. Well, it isn`t due to the fact each person is shaking an excessive amount of desk salt on their meals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided that the most important supply of sodium — extra than 70% — for the common American is packaged meals and eating place meals.

Why Does Ramen Have So Much Sodium?

The primary motives why spontaneous ramen has immoderate quantities of sodium are to decorate the taste and amplify the shelf life. Sodium is a reasonably-priced manner to make meals flavor higher and remain longer. But even as those are probably accurate arguments for the meal manufacturers, they`re now no longer best for your fitness.

For example, check the sodium content material of a number of the maximum famous ramen manufacturers:

As you could see, immi ramen has as much as 40% much less sodium as compared to traditional manufacturers. And due to the fact immi makes use of the best wonderful sea salt, you could experience your noodles without demanding approximately sodium.

Even higher, immi ramen is the world`s first low-carb, excessive-protein spontaneous ramen that offers you a nutritious and scrumptious whendidreleasedate noodle enjoy that won`t compromise your fitness goals. Why does ramen have so much sodium

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