Why do the wicked prosper

Why do the wicked prosper

Why do the wicked prosper

Why do the wicked prosper Why does it’s far that proper matters appear to occur greater frequently to terrible humans If so, you aren’t alone. Even withinside the Bible, you discover humans asking the one’s questions and thinking if godliness truly can pay off withinside the cease. If you study the 73rd psalm you’ll discover one person`s warfare with this question.


Surely God is right to Israel, to folks who are natural in coronary heart. But as for me, my ft had nearly slipped; I had almost misplaced my foothold. For I envied the smug after I noticed the prosperity of the depraved. Psalm 73:1-3

This is a psalm that could communicate to many believers. We are looking to serve God and be trustworthy to him. We make investments in time and sources in that service. And we strive to make a high-quality distinction withinside the international around us for the kingdom`s sake.

Then we study our neighbors, co-workers, the celebs on TV, sports activities, or media stars; folks who are making no try and please God. And but they appear greater blessed than us. Nicer cars. Bigger houses. Better vacations. And on and on. It is straightforward to envy their prosperity, and marvel if serving God truly can pay off.

That is in which Asaph, the writer of this psalm, is while the psalm begins. So a good deal so that he had almost fallen. Turning his return on God and following the instance of the depraved. The depraved who regarded to haven’t any worries. Free of the cares that regarded to plague him. Was all of it in vain

Was there any price in retaining a natural coronary heart and private innocence?

When I attempted to apprehend all this, it struck me deeply until I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their very last destiny. Psalm 73:16-17 NIV

On the floor, this didn`t appear proper. It struck Asaph. Why did the depraved prosper so?

But then he stopped to not forget their destiny. And he found out that they had been on the pathway to ruin. Their prosperity could now no longer undergo, however, could be swept away. And all reminiscence on their former prosperity could be like a dream. Something this is handiest remembered vaguely and elusively.

And then he found out the foolishness of his jealousy. Of envying folks who undergo however for a second after which are gone. In the case what have, they gained

AND CONSIDER WHAT WE HAVE IN GOD Why do the wicked prosper

Yet I am usually with you; you preserve me via way of means of my proper hand. You manual me together along with your counsel, and in a while, you’ll take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven however you

And earth has not anything I choose except you. My flesh and my coronary heart may also fail, however, God is the electricity of my coronary heart and my element forever. Psalm 73:23-26 NIV

Asaph found out that whilst proper matters may occur to terrible humans now, it’s going to now no longer continue. And whilst he won’t revel in a number of the prosperity that this international cherishes today, he had something a good deal greater.

He had God`s presence to manual him. And now no longer only for this life. In the case, while the depraved could be punished, he could be taken into glory. Into the very presence of God.

And as soon as he found out that, he again to God. There became nothing this earth needed to provide that would pinnacle his courting with God, each gift, and future. The depraved may also prosper for a quick time. But God became his element forever.

FOR THE BELIEVER TODAY Why do the wicked prosper

As it became withinside the days of Asaph, so it’s far today. Not all the depraved prosper. And now no longer all believers suffer. But it’s far incredibly clean to assume that the depraved are in fashionable higher off on this international. We may properly be tempted to envy the prosperity and way of life of the Hiltons, the Kardashians, and lots of others withinside the wealthy and well-known sect.

But don`t envy them. What they’ve is the handiest passing. In this case, their prosperity may be left behind. It may be handiest like a slightly remembered dream. They deserve your pity instead of your envy.

Put your wish in God. He will usually be with you. Now and via eternity. While your electricity may also fail you, His will now no longer. When you don`t recognize the manner, in which manner to turn, He does. Your street might not be smooth, however, it’s going to lead to His rest.

And that needs to be enough. When tempted to envy what others have, do not forget their fate. whendidreleasedate Then do not forget the all-enough goodness of understanding God. Let your choice be for him alone. Why do the wicked prosper

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