Why aren’t video games fun anymore

Why aren’t video games fun anymore

Why aren’t video games fun anymore As a child, you should have certainly spent quite a little time in front of the tv playing video video games. You may argue that my loss of hobby in gaming is because of the reality that, as a grown-up who’s not a child, I`m much less possibly to be amused via way of means of the luster of video video games

however I agree with there`s greater to the attention that it meets. So let`s get right down to the commercial enterprise of locating why video games aren’t pretty as fun as they as soon as had been.


The pricing of an online game is the maximum hard factor to swallow whilst setting an order. In the grand scheme of matters, 70–ninety dollars for an identity that could or won’t be playable Adults who play video video games often sense like they`ve been taken gain of after they spend the total retail charge for an identity they used to play as a teenager on account that they don`t admire how costly the hobby is. That`s why investing such a lot of bucks on a product that you could now no longer even admire to its fullest ability may be disappointing and a massive commitment.

Variety in video games

While it used to look like each recreation I was given to play changed into extensively wonderful from the last, there was a great decline in the quantity of creativity and innovation amongst online game builders in the latest years. Instead, it seems that identical video games are launched yr after yr with the most effective small adjustments.


Maybe it changed due to nostalgia that video games don`t seem as fun as they as soon as had been. I don`t suppose so; I these days replayed a number of my favored hobbies from my youth (Final Fantasy 7, Twilight Princess, and Halo 2), and they had been all simply as fun and remarkable as I remembered. It seems that the narration and middle layout of video games had been quite proper lower back then; you weren`t usually held via way of means of the hand and needed to discern out in which you had been going and what to do in your own, respectively.

To pinnacle all of it off, there had been no microtransactions or downloadable content (DLC). To position it some other way, those titles had been advanced in a way that makes them infinitely replayable, contrasting modern-day requirements whilst video games are made for the specific purpose of being thrown away to lure game enthusiasts to spend coins on new video games every few months.

As a consumer, I agree that numerous of the grounds why video games aren`t as fun as they usually appeared to be stem from the reality that maximum of the goods which can be launched in recent times aren`t complete and feature an approach in thoughts to extract as an awful lot coins from its purchasers as viable for years to follow.

The reality that we`re not youngsters and now whendidreleasedate no longer of us enjoy mastering new matters is likewise a factor. It can be hard and time-ingesting at times. We all have busy lives, so it`s essential to take time to do sports we like. Things that don`t upload to our tension. Why aren’t video games fun anymore