When were legos invented

When were legos invented

When were legos invented

When were legos invented The small, colourful bricks that inspire a child`s creativeness with their multitude of constructing opportunities have spawned films and Legoland subject matter parks. But greater than that, those easy constructing blocks preserve kids as

younger as five engaged in growing castles, cities and area stations, and some thing else their innovative minds can suppose of. This is the epitome of the instructional toy wrapped up in fun. These attributes have made Lego an icon withinside the toy world.


The corporation that makes those well-known interlocking bricks began out as a small keep in Billund, Denmark. The corporation changed into hooked up in 1932 via way of means of grasp chippie Ole Kirk Christiansen, who changed into aided via way of means of his 12-year-antique son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen.

It made wood toys, stepladders, and ironing boards. It wasn’t till years later that the enterprise took the call of Lego, which got here from the Danish words “LEg GOdt,” meaning “play well.”

Over the following numerous years, the corporation grew exponentially. From only a handful of personnel withinside the early years, Lego had grown to 50 personnel via way of means of 1948. The product line had grown as well, with the addition of a Lego duck, garments hangers, a Numskull Jack at the goat, a plastic ball for babies, and a few wood blocks.

In  the corporation made a large buy that changed into to convert the corporation and make it world-well-known and a family call. In that year, Lego offered a plastic injection-molding system, that could mass produce plastic toys.

By 1949, Lego changed into the use of this system to provide approximately 2 hundred extraordinary types of toys, which protected automated binding bricks, a plastic fish and a plastic sailor. The automated binding bricks have been the predecessors of the Lego toys of today.

Birth of the Lego Brick

In, the automated binding bricks have been renamed Lego bricks. In 1957, the interlocking precept of Lego bricks changed into born, and in 1958, the stud-and-coupling gadget changed into patented, which delivered big balance to constructed pieces. And this converted them into the Lego bricks kids use today. Also in 1958, Ole Kirk Christiansen died and his son Godtfred have become head of the Lego corporation.

By the early Lego had long past international, with income in Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, and Lebanon. Over the following decade,

Lego Sets

In 1964, for the primary time, purchasers may want to purchase Lego units, which protected all of the components and commands to construct a specific model. In 1969, the Duplo series—larger blocks for smaller hands—changed into delivered for the five-and-below set. Lego later

As of 2018, Lego has bought seventy five billion of its bricks in greater than one hundred forty nations 1 Since the center of the twentieth century, those small plastic bricks have sparked the whendidrelease creativeness of kids across the world, and Lego units have a stronghold on their location on the pinnacle of the listing of the world’s maximum famous toys. When were legos invented

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