When the yakuza falls in love

When the yakuza falls in love

When the yakuza falls in love

When the yakuza falls in love When a Yakuza Falls in Love is a mild novel authored with the aid of using Murimi that become launched in  and is finished at sixty five chapters. It has been tailored right into a finished manhwa written with the aid of using Morimi and illustrated with the aid of using Dupal.


Minjun got here to Japan to have a look at, dreaming of a notable homosexual life. As quickly as he become prepared to die after being swindled with the aid of using his ex-boyfriend for 6 months, a set of black Mercedes-Benz surrounded Minjun.

Out of nowhere a touch boy named Toma got here out of one of the motors and ran in the direction of Minjun calling him “Mama!”. Minjun, who become taken to the Yakuza den due to a Toma that didn`t need to allow cross of him, comes to a decision to die after being beaten as soon as with the aid of using the merciless and lethal Daiki.

Minjun – When the Yakuza Falls in Love.png

While he become bare and round obviously unfriendly people, he requested them to delight now no longer depart him as they walked away. Left on my own with Daiki he questions if the others can come lower back and feels even greater embarrassed with Daiki aware about his preliminary uncomfortableness.

He wonders how Daiki can not extrade his facial features but nonetheless be so handsome. Stating he’s simply an everyday university scholar Minjun thinks how he got here to be captured with the aid of using the yakuza. Minjun is 22 and become born in Seoul,

South Korea and got here to Japan to have a look at wherein he attends Tokyo University`s branch of nursing. Regarding a triangular kidnap Minjun thinks how he used to shop for them regularly and devour them with Taisei.

Angered at how he become handled Minjun cursed him and shouted in public how he become struggling proper now however could now no longer die. Thinking how they kissed Minjun then considers himself a fool. Uneasy at guys wearing

Daiki – When the Yakuza Falls in Love.png

Sending out his guys due to the fact Minjun seemed embarrassed Daiki proceeds to look him given that he is aware of Toma. When he noticed Toma addressing Minjun as mama and now no longer leaving Daiki orders them each to be taken.

Aware of Minjun’s history and unsure of why Toma is looking him mama, Daiki elects to rent Minjun till Toma can apprehend that he isn’t his mother. After resolving Minjun’s economic problems Daiki additionally says he can kill Taisei if Minjun needs. With Minjun now no longer looking that, Daiki asks without delay whether or not it’s far due to the fact he loves him.

Taisei Kato

After relationship Minjun for 6 months he broke off touch with him. Taisei become born in Yamanashi Prefecture and is referred to as being 23, unemployed and well-known for playing withinside the Shinjuku area. His mom surpassed away remaining yr but earlier


Asked what he did while the younger grasp receives out of the auto Itsuki become a part of the entourage accompanying Toma.

Moriyama Kenta

An training instructor who informs Toma is it time to get up. He solutions that Minjun can name him anything he’s maximum snug with.


Within an workplace Minjin interrogates Toma earlier than ordering the guys stood round to discover info on a person known as Taisei. With them long gone searches Minjun for suspected recording devices. A few hours earlier than, Minjun idea

how Taisei borrowed cash from a few mobsters or even stole his passport. When yakuza contributors had been strolling in the direction whendidrelease of him Minjun located himself hugged with the aid of using a person calling him momma. When the yakuza falls in love

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