When praises go up blessings come down

When praises go up blessings come down

When praises go up blessings come down

When praises go up blessings come down I consider that we’ve all heard the word, “whilst the praises pass up, the advantages come down.” I can do not forget listening to this word as a bit boy and I am very sure it`s been round plenty longer than I even have graced this Earth. Is the pronouncing authentic

If you “ship the praises up”, will the blessing really come down?

Of course, for the ones which could have now no longer ever heard this word, the praises are to be despatched as much as God in order that His advantages will come down from heaven. However, this precise word isn’t

The psalmist endured in pronouncing (v.6), “then the earth shall (will) yield her increase.” This scripture cross-references with Leviticus 26:three-four, which reads:

three `If you stroll in My statutes and maintain My commandments, and carry out them,four then I will come up with rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the timber of the sector shall yield their fruit.

Leviticus 26:three-four NKJV

We have an “if, then statement” coming from the Lord from the Mosaic Law. The scripture (Psalm 67:6) is now elevated on to expose us that during order for the earth to yield its fruit, rain is a requirement. This is some thing that absolutely everyone already know;

with out rain (water) existence might now no longer be sustainable. We get this word, from each passages, that would satisfactory be defined through regarding the water cycle.

In the water cycle, we discovered in college that liquid water on earth evaporates and becomes a fueloline. In fueloline shape, the liquid movements upward into the sky wherein it gathers and condenses to shape a cloud.

When the situations are right, the water falls back off to earth from the sky. Praising God has been likened to the water cycle wherein advantages are simplest given whilst the situations are right. When your praises pass up, like evaporated

There, however, lies a trouble with this good judgment and thought. While the word, “whilst the praises pass up, the advantages come down” sounds proper, and smooth to do not forget rhetoric, it’s miles very misleading.

Saying this makes the Lord out to be an incentive-primarily based totally God whilst God isn’t always an incentive-primarily based totally God. This word makes it appear like it`s feasible to buy advantages from the Lord and that is honestly now no longer authentic.

Illustrated in scripture

Israel, on the time of Elijah, became a state that had divided into kingdoms with the northern state being ran through kings who had completely grew to become from the Lord. The northern state became dwelling in apostasy worshiping pagan gods.

The southern state became no higher due to the fact we study in Isaiah 1:eleven how the Lord now no longer determined satisfaction of their offerings (sacrifices). You see, the southern state had proper kings,

now and then, however they, just like the northern state, had additionally grew to become from the Lord. They have been nevertheless imparting their praises to the Lord however Jerusalem might subsequently fall to the Babylonians.

Elijah went to Ahab and advised the king that there might be no rain for three years! Rain became and nevertheless is a extremely good blessing to now no longer simplest the earth however to mankind. Imagine dwelling three

years with out there being any rain; the land might pass dry, there might be extremely good famines, lakes might dry up, and plenty existence might die off as a end result. Again, in line with the word, “whilst the praises pass up, the advantages come down,” this must now no longer had been the case for northern state.

Why might the Lord get rid of the advantages of a humans which are nevertheless imparting him reward, despite the fact that they have been praising different idols?

You must now no longer must assume lengthy and difficult approximately that question. Firstly: the Israelites have been breaking the Mosaic Law through praising idols. Secondly, and pay near attention: the Israelites` reward became now no longer a reward that became proper.

They had commenced to reward God due to the fact “that`s what they have been speculated to do”. This leads us again to us withinside the current day.

Misleading rhetoric When praises go up blessings come down

Frankly, it`s now no longer authentic that in case you ship the praises up, the advantages will come down. This might also additionally harm a whole lot of humans to listen this, however the reality should be advised. God needs you to be proper on your religion and on your reward of Him.

God isn’t always an incentive-primarily based totally God neither is He a “for buy” God. You can’t purchase your advantages! Don`t assume that you whendidrelease may be complete of wickedness, shout a reward of God, and assume you’ll acquire some thing extremely good or more from Him. When praises go up blessings come down

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