When did it all stop making sense

When did it all stop making sense

When did it all stop making sense

When did it all stop making sense Stop Making Sense American live performance movie providing a stay overall performance via way of means of the American rock band Talking Heads. Directed via way of means of Jonathan Demme, it became shot over the path of 3 nights at Hollywood`s Pantages

because the organization became journeying to sell their new album Speaking in Tongues. The live performance serves as a complete retrospective of the band’s records to that time, providing a lot of their famous songs from their first hit single

“Psycho Killer”, via to their maximum current album. In addition, the organization plays one tune, “Genius of Love”, via way of means of the Tom Tom Club, a aspect challenge for 2 contributors of the band. The movie is the primary made absolutely the usage of virtual audio techniques. The band raised the price range of $1.2 million themselves.

The 4 center contributors of Talking Heads:

lead singer and guitarist David Byrne, drummer Chris Frantz, guitarist and keyboardist Jerry Harrison, and bassist Tina Weymouth, are joined on level via way of means of an intensive assisting band which include backing singers Lynn Mabry and Ednah Holt, guitarist Alex Weir, keyboardist Bernie Worrell, and percussionist Steve Scales.

Stop Making Sense is taken into consideration via way of means of many critics to be one of the finest live performance movies of all time. Leonard Maltin known as it “one of the finest rock films ever made”, Robert Christgau “the greatest live performance movie”,

In 2021, the movie became decided on for maintenance withinside the United States National Film Registry via way of means of the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.


Lead singer David Byrne walks directly to a naked level with a transportable cassette tape participant and an acoustic guitar. He introduces “Psycho Killer” via way of means of announcing he desires to play a tape, however in truth a Roland

With every successive tune, Byrne is joined via way of means of greater contributors of the band: first via way of means of Tina Weymouth for “Heaven” (with Lynn Mabry offering concord vocals from backstage), 2nd via way of means of Chris Frantz for “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel”,

Performance system is wheeled out and introduced to the set to deal with the extra musicians: back-up singers Lynn Mabry and Ednah Holt, keyboardist Bernie Worrell, percussionist Steve Scales, and guitarist Alex Weir.

Columbia Home Video release (which featured 3 extra songs in performances edited into the movie) has the whole band (minus Worrell) performing “Cities” earlier than this tune. Byrne leaves the level at one factor to permit the Weymouth–Frantz-led aspect-band Tom Tom Club to carry out their tune

“Genius of Love”. The band additionally plays songs from Byrne’s soundtrack album The Catherine Wheel, “What a Day That Was” and (as an advantage whendidrelease tune on the house video release) “Big “.When did it all stop making sense

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