When did iPhone x come out


When did iPhone x come out

When did iPhone x come out:

iPhone’s X is developed in the market and produced by Apple Inc. It is the 11 generation of the iPhone. On October 27, 2017, it was available for pre-order and released on November 3, 2017. Form factor and bezel-less iPhone’s X used glass and stainless steel while not having a chin shrinking the bezels, unlike many Android phones. iPhone’s X used the OLED screen, the first phone to use. 

When did iPhone X come out?

  • The iPhone X was released on November 3, 2017, four years ago. With a stunning gall screen display featuring a revolutionary new design iPhone offer.
  • Brand: Apple Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Pegatron, Foxcom
  • Slogan: Say hello to the future
  • Generation 11th
  • Compatible: EV-DO, GSM, cdma2000, LTE advance, LTE + HSPA.
  • Predecessor: iPhone’s 7 / iPhone’s 7 plus
  • Successor: iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max is the successor
  • Related: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • Type: Smartphone
  • Operating system: IOS 11.0.1
  • System on a Chip: Apple A11 Bionic
  • Models: Models A1865/ 1902, Model A 1901
  • Memory: 3GB LPDDR4X RAM.
  • Storage capacity: 64 or 254 GB
  • Sound: Stereo speakers, Spatial Audio, Dolby Atoms
  • Connectivity: All Models ( Model A1865)
  • Water resistance: IP67.
  • Front Camera 7 MP F/2.2 aperture, Auto image stabilization, auto HD, 1080p HD video recording portrait Mode.
  • Rear camera with his element 12 MP lens, quad-LED.https://www.gsmarena.com/

Features of iPhone X:

  • All screen Design Gorgeous
  • Super Rents display Remarkable
  • A powerful full, and Secure Face ID Authentication system
  • Portrait Lighting Reinvented Front and Back Cameras
  • Brings Emojis to life Animoji
  • For a wireless Future, Designed


The iPhone’s X received positive reviews. The quality of the iPhone x is too good. The camera scored positively on the test and was universally praised for its display and build quality. Dual optical image stabilization includes a new color filter and a redesigned rear camera. In two beautiful finishes, silver and space gray, the iPhone features the most durable ever in smartphones.

When did iPhone x come out

When did iPhone x come out

Is iPhone good?

The performance of the iPhone X is still good and performs better.


  • At $999 from apple.com iPhone’s X will be available in two colors, Silver and space gray.
  • In the US, Apple stores with monthly payments starting at $49.91.
  • The range of colors will be Apple- designers at $39, while $99 is available for iPhone’s X leather folio.

Final Words:

In this article, I discussed all detail of the iPhone’s X and also discuses it. When did the iPhone x come out?

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