When did gta 6 come out

When did gta 6 come out

When did gta 6 come out

When did gta 6 come out

When did gta 6 come out After a few years of rampant speculation, and nearly a decade because the final access, Grand Theft Auto is ready to have a brand new mainline sport withinside the future. GTA 6 has been formally announced, however in genuine Rockstar style the finer information are being stored beneathneath wraps for now.

Thanks to a few latest rumours, we’re beginning to get a clearer photo as to what GTA 6 goes to appearance like, and now that GTA five has launched on next-gen consoles, with a bit of luck the brand new access is Rockstar`s primary precedence proper now.

`Grand Theft Auto 6` might also additionally get its first gameplay trailer this 12 monthsGTA 6 does now no longer presently have a launch date…or launch window. There were a few leaks to indicate we might also additionally

listen extra quickly but, with a gameplay trailer rumoured to be proven later this 12 months. As upcoming video games pass, GTA 6 is mainly complicated to pin down. Rockstar is generally very vigilant for leaks, and to date there hasn`t been a lot that has slipped via the cracks.

Even so, we do have some information to percentage on what GTA 6 can be, in which it is probably set, and whilst we can be capable of surely play it. To hold you withinside the loop, we`ve amassed all the cutting-edge information, rumours and professional

GTA 6 launch date

As we cited before, GTA 6 does now no longer presently have a launch date. Nor does it have a fashionable launch window. Earlier this 12 months we mentioned on a tale overlaying a expected $nine billion in profits for Take-Two

Last we heard, Rockstar had discovered GTA 6, and that improvement was `nicely underway.` This offers a demonstration that the sport is certainly in lively improvement, but till we see extra we can`t say whilst it’s far in all likelihood to return back out.

Grand Theft Auto five. Credit: Rockstar.

Thanks to latest file via way of means of Bloomberg, GTA 6 is still “at least” years farfar from launching. This is in line with builders interviewed via way of means of Bloomberg.

Possible placing

So some distance, there were no professional information launched via way of means of Rockstar concerning GTA 6`s placing. So in which may want to or not it’s set Well, there are some candidates, which we`ll pass over here.

The first is that GTA 6 can be set in a type of subject park model of GTA settings featured withinside the collection as a result some distance. This might imply that 80s Vice City can be a region, and San Andreas, however of route that is simply speculation.

A new placing is likewise possible. We`ve had GTA takes on towns like LA and New York, so why now no longer different towns. London is a a lot-asked vicinity from fans, however that is probably complicated to put into effect whilst GTA Online is taken into consideration.



Industry leaker Tom Henderson launched a video in this very problem lower back in 2021. In it, he covers all the rumours that he has heard during the last couple of years. In this video, Henderson exhibits that he has heard that GTA 6 may be a `current title.`

This method a current placing, ruling out 80s Vice City for now. The reasoning at the back of that is reportedly that a current placing is less difficult to amplify upon in the sport`s on-line placing, as current generation may be introduced in with out feeling jarring.

We cited a latest file via way of means of Bloomberg earlier, and this file additionally has a gaggle of data on a likely placing for GTA 6. According to the file, GTA 6 may be set ordinarily in a fictional model of Miami, with extra regions and towns to be introduced post-launch.


The headline information from that latest Bloomberg file is that GTA 6 may want to function the three-D collection` first girl protagonist. There will reportedly be principal characters. Speaking to Bloomberg, reassets acquainted with the venture say that the pair of characters are motivated via way of means of Bonnie and Clyde.

How will GTA 6’sOnline paintings?

Perhaps the most important query on everyone`s lips is how GTA Online goes to paintings as soon as GTA’s 6’d is launched. GTA Online is some distance and away Rockstar`s maximum rewarding asset proper now, and it`s in all likelihood that something

GTA 6 is, it’s far going to closely tie into an internet equivalent. In the Tom Henderson video cited early, he brings up that the singleplayer map may be accelerated upon with new map places and DLC, in an effort to be available through the web mode

When do we listen extra?

As mentioned via way of means of Sportskeeda GTA leaker Tez2 appears to trust that we can be getting a GTA 6 gameplay trailer in 2022. You can view the Tweet below.

That`s all we understand to date approximately GTA 6. Real, tangible information are quite skinny at the floor proper now, however with a bit of whendidrelease luck we can listen extra this 12 months. In the meantime, make sure to test out our article on  When did gta 6 come out

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