When did Facebook come out

When did Facebook come out

When did Facebook come out

When did Facebook come out:

Facebook is the largest social networking; it makes it easy to connect with your friends and family online. Facebook is designed for college students with a valid email address at the age of 13 who can join Facebook’s. Today the world’s largest social media network is Facebook’s; worldwide, 1 billion Facebook’s have.


Why use Facebook?

There are other ways for online communication like email, instant messages, and so on. Facebook is a unique ability you can connect and share with the people you care about at the same time. Other websites worked to integrate Facebook’s, and Facebook’s is so popular. With different services across the web, this means you can use a single Facebook account.


Launched date:

In February 2004, Facebook has created b Zuckerberg at Harvard University with 4 friends in his room, including Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, and Dustin Moskovitz. Regarding the lawsuit and copyright, Mark Zuckerberg did not talk about the beginning of Facebook.

The 2010 Oscar-winning film The Social Network, to discuss their idea before creating his own without their knowledge, depicted Zuckerberg meeting with the Winkle Voss brothers and Narendra. In Harward students, Facebook’s is extremely popular to the student at Stanford, so much so that the site was soon made available to numerous other colleges, including Yale and Columbia, before expanding. Anyone worldwide could make themselves a Facebook account by September 26, 2006, and have a valid email address.

When did Facebook come out

When did Facebook come out


  1. To connect, you can find and invite your friends
  2. With all your contacts, you can share your personal life.
  3. You can chat with all the people you know; it provides you with the interface.
  4. One of the biggest advantages is business promotions.

How does Facebook sharing work?

To keep in touch with family, Facebook’s allows you to send messages and post status updates. Different types of content like photos and links can share. For another type of online communication, sharing something on Facebook’s is slightly different. Unlike email or instant messages, which are private, the things you can share on Facebook are public. What you can share on Facebook’s, the public sees these things. To help you limit who can see the things you share, Facebook offers privacy tools. While on Facebook, you may also control your privacy and how you can see your photos; you can manage your privacy on Facebook’s.

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