When did burt goldman die

When did burt goldman die

When did burt goldman die

When did burt goldman die Burt Goldman (born September 28, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American writer, artist and photographer. He is an writer of numerous non-public improvement books and audio publications.

Goldman is first-class regarded for the advent of Quantum Jumping — a non-public improvement software primarily based totally at the Multiverse theory. It assumes that every person has an countless range of versions in their lives

which exist in parallel universes and the usage of the energy of the thoughts he can “faucet into” the sources of those parallel existences to get recommendation or power from his dual self.

His ee-e book The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics posted through Pocket Books, co-written with the founding father of the Silva Method José Silva has been translated into greater than 10 languages.


Goldman turned into born in Brooklyn, New York because the son of Harry Goldman, salesman, and his spouse Sadie, housewife. He grew up in East Los Angeles and attended excessive faculty at Wilson and Fairfax. He did now no longer attend college because of being drafted into the U.S. Army.

Goldman`s hobby in psychology commenced in 1946, after World War II ended, whilst he turned into stationed as an US Army sergeant at Seoul, Korea. There, he met a nearby inhabitant who used restoration strategies to alleviate Goldman of a headache. After being discharged, Goldman commenced to take a look at hypnotism.

Personal improvement

In 1980, Goldman met José Silva, and in 1989 they co-wrote the ee-e book The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics. After that, Goldman commenced to present seminars and workshops at the strategies defined withinside the ee-e book.

In addition to The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics, Goldman has written books on non-public improvement aspects: The Power of Self Mind Control (2003) and How to Better Your Life with Mind Control (1980).

After retiring, Goldman has started publishing self-assist improvement publications as non-public audiobooks posted through Mindvalley. His maximum latest audiobooks, Quantum Jumping (2011) and The American Monk (2011) cope with the idea of “whendidrelease quantum jumping”,When did burt goldman die

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