What is squid game about

What is squid game about

What is squid game about


What is squid game about If you`ve been on social media during the last few weeks, you`ll have observed that Netflix has every other inescapable hit on its palms with their new display Squid Game. The Crown or Bridgerton, however, it’s miles now no longer.

Created through the acclaimed South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game is a bracingly violent mystery collection that has drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games and Battle Royale for its eye-popping gore and nail-biting tension—although the actual cause it has emerge as a runaway achievement is its well timed message.

In the display, a motley team of South Koreans—all mired in debt—are lured to a faraway island in which they`re to play a sequence of video games from which the winner will emerge a multimillionaire. Soon matters take a flip for the darker, starting with the maximum grotesque

sport of Red Light, Green Light you`ve ever seen. A razor-sharp indictment of inequality and monetary exploitation in present day Korea (and beyond), Squid Game`s deeper resonances—conveyed through the effective performances of its stars—will live with you lengthy after the contests attain their grisly conclusion.

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As of closing week, the display has rocketed to primary at the Netflix charts in greater than ninety territories. “It`s best been out for 9 days, and it`s a superb hazard it`s going to be our largest display ever,” stated Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos of the phrase-of-mouth hit.

So, what are you ready for? Here, we spherical up the entirety you want to realize approximately Squid Game, from its breakout stars to all of the first-rate memes. Warning: There are slight spoilers ahead.

No, there aren`t any real squid involved.

First matters first, let`s solve what the squid sport in reality is (and no, it doesn`t contain real squid): It`s a playground sport that turned into famous amongst youngsters in South Korea at some point of the Nineteen Seventies and `80s. So how does this play into the display`s

Each of the six video games performd through the contestants is primarily based totally on a traditional Korean youngsters`s sport—some, like Red Light, Green Light and tug-of-war, could be recognised to Western audiences—and the squid sport is the very last one.

There`s a lot—and I imply a lot—of gore.

The cheery, pastel-hued aesthetic of the numerous sport setups would possibly advocate that the opposition is all sunshine and rainbows, however you`ll quickly find out that couldn`t be similarly from the case. Brace your self for an countless conveyer belt of blood-

soaked killings and frame horror from the primary episode: the entirety from stabbings and shootings to a specially stomach-churning series concerning organ harvesting. Still, the maximum devastating components of the collection are the emotional cruelties and betrayals the contestants inflict on every different, as everyone who`s watched the episode with the marble sport can attest.

It`s the performances that scouse borrow the display.

While the video games offer the maximum interesting and hair-raisingly annoying sequences withinside the display, the richly drawn participants—and, of course, the splendid performances that convey them to life—are what have made Squid Game this sort of hit. First, there`s Lee Jung-jae`s captivating overall performance because the bumbling however in the end good-hearted protagonist,

Gi-hun, thru whose eyes we in large part see the alternative contestants. Other standout performances come courtesy of Park Hae-soo as Gi-hun`s morally ambiguous formative years friend, Sang-woo, and Kim Joo-ryoung as a delightfully unhinged scammer whose tryst

with a mobster in the video games ends in chaos some of the contestants. The actual breakout famous person of the display, however, is former version Jung Ho-yeon, who performs a steely North Korean defector hoping to elevate sufficient cash to take her brother out of an orphanage.

Don`t simply take our phrase for it, either: Since the display premiered on Netflix some weeks ago, Jung`s Instagram following has soared from some hundred thousand to greater than thirteen million. It`s secure to mention that this won`t be the closing you spot of her.

It has a frequent (and political) message too.

It`s now no longer simply the excessive-octane exhilaration that has made Squid Game such an worldwide sensation however the frequent topics it explores—in particular its implicit critique of capitalism and exploration of sophistication anxiety.

Unlike in different dystopian thrillers with battle-to-the-dying tournaments, right here, all people has arrived on the island electively. Even after witnessing the horrors that the video games entail, the bulk of the contestants go back out of sheer desperation,

floor down through the grim destiny of dwelling with insurmountable debt. (The collection arrives at a second while family debt is at a report excessive now no longer best in Korea however withinside the U.S. as well, and it`s contributed to a huge mental-fitness crisis.) “

We are virtually right here to provide you a hazard,” say the masked villains overseeing Squid Game`s bad proceedings, in phrases that surprisingly echo the every-man-for-himself spirit of neoliberal past due capitalism this is greater than acquainted to Western audiences.

Naturally, the memes were coming in thick and fast.

Of course, for a brand new Netflix display to unfold like wildfire, it facilitates to have a touch traction on social media; and the grim goings-on of Squid Game have confirmed ideal meme fodder, seeing customers take

the maximum chilling moments of the collection and inject them with a dose of anarchic humor. A specially famous issue has been the whendidrelease large robotic doll overseeing the Red Light, Green Light sport  What is squid game about

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