What did cupid say when asked answer key

What did cupid say when asked answer key

What did cupid say when asked answer key

What did cupid say when asked answer key Ceres want now no longer be scared of the organization of Venus or her son due to the fact Iris met Venus flying via theair closer to Paphos, the well-known metropolis that is located at the island of Cyprus. She become followed with the aid of using

her son Cupid. They have been touring with the aid of using air-borne chariot, drawn with the aid of using doves.

 What magic allure did Venus and her son plan in opposition to Ferdinand and Miranda?

Venus being the goddess of affection and splendor and Cupid her son being the god of affection are continually busymaking human beings fall in love. They had deliberate to play a few amorous trick /a few magic spell to lure
Ferdinand and Miranda who’re below a vow now no longer to gratify their sexual goals until the holy rite of their marriage duly completed. But their trick failed, and Venus together along with her son went again domestic and Cupid

broke all his arrows swearing that he’ll shoot no extra arrows to arouse love in human hearts and
could spend his time gambling with sparrows much like a boy.

Who is Hymen? Why is stated withinside the extract?

Hymen is the Greek god of marriage. He become normally represented as sporting a torch and a veil to guide the newlywed couple. Hymen is stated withinside the extract withinside the context of marriage of Ferdinand and

Miranda. Mars is the god of war. Mars`s minion is stated Venus, the passionate darling.

Why is Cupid stated to be waspish-headed? What is stated approximately him withinside the context?

Cupid is seemed as irritable/hot-headed. He is waspish- headed due to the fact he stings with the aid of using hitting human beings together along with his arrows which cause them to fall in love. As their plan failed Cupid broke all his arrows and sworn

that he could by no means shoot them again. He could best play with birds just like the different boys of his age.

How does Ceres understand that Juno is coming at the scene?

Juno is the spouse of Jupiter, the leader god in Roman mythology. When Ceres hears the footsteps of the
stateliest queen, Juno, she is aware of that she is coming. She is aware about Juno`s way of walking.
6. Give the which means of the subsequent phrases as they’re used withinside the context of the passage:

Who is Juno? Who has invited her to return back at the scene? Why?

Juno is the Queen of Heaven and the spouse of Jupiter, the leader god in Roman mythology. One of the
spirits of Prospero performs the position of Juno withinside the masque. Iris, the goddess of rainbow and Juno`s
messenger, has invited her to return back at the scene to bless the younger couple, Ferdinand and

 What does Juno say whilst giving her advantages to the couple?

Juno blesses the younger couple with honour, riches, marriage advantages, lengthy existence and everincreasing happiness at some stage in their existence.

Who is Ceres? What does she sing approximately the bounty of nature?

Ceres is the goddess of agriculture/ fertility, and of all vegetation and harvests of the earth. She sings
approximately the bounty of nature that it produces meals in lots. She blesses Ferdinand and Miranda
saying, that their barns will by no means be empty,

vines could be weighted down with lots of grapes and soonafter harvest season, they’ll have Spring in order that they’ll by no means enjoy the harshness of

 Who has organized the majestic imaginative and prescient? Why become it organized

The majestic imaginative and prescient has been organized with the aid of using Prospero via a masque completed with the aid of using the Ariel andthe opposite spirits. As Ferdinand had surpassed the take a look at and proved his loyalty, Prospero needed whendidrelease to What did cupid say when asked answer key

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