Mountain monsters season 9 release date 2022

Mountain monsters season 9 release date 2022

Mountain monsters season 9 release date 2022

Mountain monsters season 9 release date 2022 Deep withinside the Appalachian Mountains, creatures each mythical and terrifying lurk many of the shadows, evading seize at each turn. Season Four of the cult-traditional collection “Mountain Monsters,” actions to its new domestic

this rip-roarin` organization of self-proclaimed “hillbilly hunters” treks thru the depths of Appalachia`s mountain forests, trying to find creatures of legendary origins, decided to tune down evidence those monsters nevertheless roam this vicinity today.

In the two-hour season gold standard, the collection selections up proper in which it left off – with crew participants Trapper, Buck, Huckleberry, Jeff, Willy and Wild Bill entangled withinside the backwoods of the Dark Forest.

Later withinside the episode, the clock fast-forwards 18 months to while the organization reunites, visibly shaken, however nevertheless decided to complete their preliminary quest. “After leaving Season Three with such an excessive cliffhanger,

we knew we needed to broadcast this season on a bigger platform, bringing this tremendously famous display from Destination America to a brand new domestic at Travel Channel for our AIMS-obsessed fans,” says Matthew Butler, fashionable supervisor of Travel Channel and Destination America.

“Viewers are certainly invested withinside the AIMS crew and its investigations, and we’re elated to subsequently proportion what genuinely passed off withinside the Dark Forest, whilst catapulting the squad into an entire new set of excessive hunts, exciting twists and hillbilly hilarity.”

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