Lexington personal injury lawyer

Lexington personal injury lawyer

Lexington personal injury lawyer

Lexington personal injury lawyer Peterson Law Office serves households and people in Lexington. Its legal professionals guard the rights of sufferers injured in vehiclemobile injuries regarding cars, motorcycles, and trucks. It additionally allows get better repayment for monetary, punitive, and non-monetary damages

with the aid of using constructing robust claims sponsored with sizable documentation, inclusive of scientific papers, police reports, and collision footage. In addition, the company litigates different instances,

which include product and premises legal responsibility, civil rights, workers` repayment, nursing domestic abuse, and scientific malpractice. Founder Justin Peterson’s regulation profession spans over a decade and brings his customers a strategic gain via his previous revel in representing coverage agencies.

three hundred W Short St, Lexington,

The Baldani Law Group is a full-provider regulation company in Lexington, Kentucky. It become based in 1988 and represents customers all through the Commonwealth of Kentucky in non-public harm instances. The company handles car injuries, slip-and-falls,

semitruck and different business injuries, and faulty equipment. The criminal group negotiates with coverage agencies to get better economic repayment for scientific fees, misplaced wages, and different costs. A group of legal professionals makes a speciality of instances regarding uninsured drivers or using beneathneath the influence.


Bussey & Fouts, Attorneys at Law, has been imparting offerings to customers withinside the Lexington metro and the encircling groups when you consider that  It gives criminal suggest and illustration to people who are laid low with bodily or mental accidents because

of the negligence of any other person, company, or entity. Also covered withinside the company’s regions of exercise are scientific malpractice, Social Security disability, and workers’ repayment. Davis Bussey, one of the legal professionals, brings 50 years of revel in withinside the criminal discipline.

 Vine Street, Suite 110, Lexington,

Circeo Law Firm offers suggest and illustration for customers in Lexington. It assists people who’ve been injured because of the negligence of others in acquiring honest repayment for health center fees and lack of income. The company handles non-public harm instances stemming

from electrocution, faulty products, and automobile and truck injuries. Lisa Circeo, the primary of the company, has over 25 years of criminal revel in. Her company goals to sell accountable and moral conduct in agencies and agencies with the aid of using resolving protection subjects in non-public harm instances.

Alexandria Drive, Lexington, KY

Cooley & Offill Law Firm has been supporting customers in Lexington, Owensboro, Louisville, and surrounding regions for over 23 years. Its legal professionals offer criminal suggest to sufferers of great physical accidents because of automobile, truck, and motorbike injuries.

The company additionally assists households in wrongful loss of life instances regarding negligence. Its group consists of large revel in in representing customers in crook protection instances, which include felonies, misdemeanor charges, white-collar crimes, drug charges, and sexual assault.

North Limestone, Lexington, KY

Coulson Law Offices, PLLC, handles non-public harm claims on behalf of sufferers withinside the Lexington metro and the neighboring groups. Its group allows customers achieve the repayment they deserve for them to get better.

Lawyer Greg Coulson assists surviving own circle of relatives participants of folks who died wrongfully searching for economic support. He offers his customers with an competitive illustration if the problem reaches the court. The regulation company additionally handles instances associated with crook protection, pick enterprise litigation, and pick own circle of relatives regulation subjects.

Emmett Daniel Clifford Attorney at Law logo

Emmett Daniel Clifford, Attorney at Law, is a company serving Lexington and the encircling groups. It handles non-public harm and workers’ repayment instances regarding automobile wrecks, product legal responsibility complaints, and because of crimes.

The practitioner, Dan Clifford, manages the office work had to construct a repayment declare for accidents and losses and educates customers approximately their rights and options. He additionally handles instances regarding deeds

Frank Jenkins Law Office

The Frank Jenkins Law Office serves customers in Lexington. It offers with non-public harm regulation instances regarding subjects like motor car injuries, scientific malpractice, and faulty drugs. The company has revel in supporting customers in submitting

complaints towards at-fault parties, starting from product producers and uninsured drivers to coverage corporations and doctors. Principal legal professional Frank Jenkins III is affiliated with the Kentucky Justice Association. He has spent over

Fred Peters Law

Fred Peters Law is a criminal exercise that fights for customers in Lexington and the neighboring groups. It advocates for the repayment whendidrelease of customers who maintain non-public accidents from automobile injuries, slips and falls, and scientific malpractice. Lexington personal injury lawyer

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