Kid rock don’t tell me how to live lyrics

Kid rock don’t tell me how to live lyrics

Kid Rock doesn’t tell me how to live lyrics


Kid rock doesn’t tell me how to live lyrics Don`t Tell Me How To Live” is being marketed via way of means of a few media shops as an assault on wokeness and a canceled lifestyle.

But a listener shouldn`t pass into this song anticipating what one would possibly pay attention to from Tom MacDonald, an emcee that makes a specialty of such tunes.

Or instead, Kid Rock does come offloads like Tom withinside the 2d verse, however different components of the music are extra harking back to a conventional gangsta rapper, one that isn`t afraid to offend others in selling his very own toughness.

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Or placed differently, as lots of Tom MacDonald might not provide AF himself, he isn`t always the sort to straightforwardly inform his haters to “suck a d, as Rock does withinside the first verse.

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So basically, from a lyrical perspective “Don`t Tell Me How” to Live reads loads like gangsta rap. That is to mention that the primary and 1/3 verses are such that some special bad boy rappers may want to recite them, and the wording could healthy their man or woman with no important alterations.

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But as for the second verse, it is lots extra harking back to a disposition a White rapper could take, i.e. now no longer attacking the gadget for being racist however instead because of the manner it socializes its citizens, maximum significantly the younger ones.

And as some distance as attacking wokeness and cancel lifestyle, what Kid Rock is pronouncing is that the manner the gadget is designed currently is such that `our subsequent era might be a kingdom of p–sies`.

The manner he sees it, youngsters are being raised in an international too soft, in which they may be offered even though they didn`t do whatever unique and in which each offensive opinion is shunned. So therefore the vocalist damns the media, who are propagating such practices and approaches of thinking.

And via way of means of extension,

it could additionally be stated he`s dissing the opposite important establishments of socialization, together with the authorities indirectly.

In doing so, he gifts himself as a person who will in no way ever provide into their agenda. In truth in case you come to Rock with that BS, you`re in all likelihood to get hold of a solid “f–ok you”.

Takeaway Kid rock don’t tell me how to live lyrics

That stated Kid Rock doesn`t appear to mention whatever especially approximately the idea of wokeness. Nor is he confronting the cancel lifestyle directly.

Rather what he`s pronouncing is that he`s going to do his element without the worry of any backlash. So again, he comes offloads like Eminem, Tom MacDonald, and pretty some gangsta rappers even.

But we`re now no longer

attempting to mention that Rock is biting off all of us in view that we`ve handiest researched his artistry moderately to date. Indeed he’s recognized to have possessed this kind of disposition withinside the past. So it`s like, you already recognize.

If you`re searching for an artist who`s going to chew his tongue or go together with the waft withinside the call of political correctness, Kid Rock ain`t the one. In truth, as he feels, no person has the proper to `inform him a way to live.

Kid Rock, “Don`t Tell Me How To Live”

Kid Rock is an American vocalist, that specializes in each rock and hip-hop and is 50 years vintage at the writing of this post, his heyday changed into all through the overdue Nineties and in the course of the aught.

That isn’t to mention that he has fallen off in keeping with se, as each album Rock has dropped in view that 1998, up till 2017`s “Sweet Southern Sugar”, his maximum current studio album, has scored in the pinnacle 10 of the Billboard 200.

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But his business fortunes at overdue are not anything as compared to the Michigan native`s early goings, as `s “Devil Without a Cause” (that’s namedropped on this music.

which changed into Kid`s fourth studio album, has simply been licensed diamond via way of means of the RIAA with income withinside the US alone. By comparison “Sweet Southern Sugar” has but to attain any certifications as a consequence of some distance.

“Don`t Tell Me How to Live”

Kid Rock has additionally dropped a handful of singles in and now, with “Don`t Tell Me How to Live” being launched.

Meanwhile, the identity of the LP this music is featured on has now no longer been announced. But it’s been said that that is simply the lead unmarried from an upcoming triple album so it will function as 50 tracks in total.

A variety of outstanding people are noted withinside the 1/3 verse, together with the following:

Reverend Run of Run DMC fame

larger rock legend Bruce Springsteen A listing of Hollywood actors James Dean and Brad Pitt He additionally mentions one Shotgun Willie, which could be an allusion to us a song mainstay, Willie Nelson.

Don’t Tell Me How To Live

It needs to be talked about that the quilt artwork of this unmarried is an outline of the Statue of Liberty sporting a facemask. We all recognize what the Statue of Liberty represents – freedom, with the facemask being an allusion to the authorities’ reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So yes, the implication may be that Kid Rock is an anti-vaxxer, although he doesn`t simply pass there withinside the lyrics. whendidreleasedate.  And in phrases of the vocalist now no longer being eager on others telling him “a way to live”, that might consist of the likes of presidency officers who’ve in truth been educating human beings on a way to cond.Kid rock don’t tell me how to live lyrics

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