It all starts with playing game seriously 80

It all starts with playing game seriously 80

It all starts with playing game seriously 80

It all starts with playing game seriously 80 Tianyong Land is a sport in which gamers can get their powers in actual lifestyles and turn out to be an awakened. Ling Ce is an orphan who steps right into a glitch in the sport, sending him 3 years lower back into the beyond.

Determined to alternate his destiny, Ling Ce makes use of his enjoy to be the primary and most powerful awakened.

The Return of the Abandoned Son

Three hundred years ago, Zhuo Bu Fan, the deserted son, fell into prey of a plot towards him and turned into thrown into the sea. Fortunately, he met Master Jun He who turned into passing through the Earth. The latter took him farfar

it to domesticate his abilities withinside the interstellar galaxy, and he conquered the universe! Three hundred years later, Zhuo Bu Fan failed to triumph over the checks of the Gods and turned into despatched lower back in time to his days as a younger city boy.

He overthrew the mountain and seas and made up for his regrets… In the face of his aloof wife, his mom who suffered from humiliations and insults, and provocations of the dauntless prince, he swore that he might make the sector give up earlier than his knees!

The Super Doctor From 2089

Ye Wutian, a high-quality physician from 2089, one way or the other time-travels lower back to the 12 months 2019 in a lab test explosion. He wakes up in a wild mountain, after which manages to shop a girl, Li wan er who is been bitten through a venomous snake.

With his seemingly advanced expertise in medicine, Ye wutian embarks on an exquisite adventure withinside the starting of the twenty first century…

Rejecting The Tyrant’s Love

Although she turned into an clever agent, her first venture had failed while she traveled lower back in time, falling proper right into a tyrant’s mattress and hurting the person withinside the process. As she turned into below influence,

she idea the tyrant turned into an escort, even going as a long way as to go away a tip after doing the deed. The lady turned into in reality cruel. She messed with the tyrant, spent cash foolishly, and used her abilities and electricity to bully the weak!

The Great Venerable Demon Has Returned

Zhang Yi turned into a sad teen who turned into robbed of his female friend through Hu Tianhua, he turned into even swindled into taking over tens of thousands and thousands in debt, in order that his father had no preference however to promote off their own circle of relatives property.

Finally, his father died of cancer, and overworked to death. But while Zhang Yi deserted all wish and devoted suicide, now no longer best did he now no longer die, however alternatively encountered a blessing in disguise: He transmigrated into the Ancient Immortal

Continent and born with superb abilities. His boom turned into unstoppable. With heaven-defying cultivation, he rose to the placement of the maximum ideal Demon God in only some years. Since he turned into in ownership of an immortal treasure,

the heavenly ee-e book of transformation, the so-referred to as righteous human beings ganged up on him in a wonder attack. Finally, it led to mutual destruction. But after his death, Zhang Yi lower back lower back to Earth, lower back to the time while he turned into attending university.

The Supreme Reincarnated

The Emperor of Thunder, Chen Lei, failed in his ascension, and as destiny might have it, he reincarnated lower back to his teenage days while his own circle of relatives hadn’t been destroyed and his mother and father hadn`t died tragically.

Chen Lei is decided to make up for his regrets! With reminiscences of his beyond lifestyles, Chen Lei, together along with his huge talents, whendidrelease embarks on his remaining adventure to turn out to be invincible—to guard his own circle of relatives, It all starts with playing game seriously 80

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