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The spelling of Answer: Answer is spelled

Definition of Answer: An solution is a reaction to a query both written or spoken. A solution is likewise something this is carried out in reaction or response, and, a way to a problem.

The solution is to write down or talk as a go-back in reaction to a query, to behave in reaction, and, to be dependable or accountable. Pronunciation of Answer: The answer is suggested ann-sure. How to Use Answer in a Sentence

What does solution mean?see complete information about

The phrase solution features a noun and a verb. A solution is a response to a query, a way to a problem, and, something that a person does in reaction or response to a person or something else. way to spell the answer for example,

younger boy`s mother and father did now no longer accept as true with his solution to their query approximately wherein he was all night.

Only one in all her solutions at the check turned wrong.

His best solution turned into departing the residence and reflecting on consideration of the situation.

As a verb, the solution may be used transitively and intransitively. The verb solution refers to responding to a person`s query, speaking or writing in reaction to something, and fixing or supplying a way to a problem.

I did solve all their questions, however, they didn`t appear glad about my responses. All the able-bodied and healthful men younger and old spoke back to the decision to war.

After he effectively spoke back the riddle, he acted alternatively haughty. Additionally, to reply is to catch up on or take obligation or responsibility for.

After years of hiding How to spell question,

the middle-elderly guy turned worn-out and sooner or later determined to reply for his crimes.
The lender might by no means permit him to break out or refuse to reply to his debt.

Phrases & Idioms That Use AnswerAnswer to: to document to a chairman or superior.

Who do you solution to here?

Won`t/don`t take no for a solution: refuse to just accept a bad reaction to a query or request. Answer the decision of nature: to visit the bathroom.

Answer the door: open the door; greet a person at the door. Answer to a person`s prayers: the answer to one`s prayers or problem(s); desired for a protracted time.

History & Etymology of Answer

The phrase solution first seemed in English someday earlier than the twelfth century, in keeping with Merriam-Webster`s.

The answer comes from Middle English thru Old English andswaru, that’s corresponding to Old Norse and scar, which means a solution, and to Old English and-, towards and serial, which means to swear.

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Where it manner something written or spoken in response to a query or request,whendidreleasedate the subsequent phrases can be substituted for the solution if the context allows.How to spell question

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