How to say I love you in greek

How to say I love you in greek

How to say I love you in greek

How to say I love you in greek Are you taking place vacation to Greece, and might you want to complement the revel in your different 1/2 of through talking phrases of affection to them in Greek In this text, you’ll study five methods to explicit your love in Greek.

The Greek language could be very wealthy and there are numerous methods to mention to a person which you love them. I am certain that while you are in Greece, mainly withinside the Greek islands, you’ll sense greater love and cherish, and expressing love might be lots less complicated for you. Let`s pass in advance and discover ways to do it.

How to mention “I love you“ in Greek

The pleasant manner to explicit your love is of a path to mention “I love you“ to a person. I love you in Greek is “σ` αγαπώ“. However, there also are different methods to mention which you love a person.

You can say “αγάπη μου“ (my love) and “είσαι η αγάπη μου“ (you’re my love). You also can say some thing like “σ` αγαπώ μέχρι τον ουρανό / μέχρι το φεγγάρι / μέχρι τα αστέρια“. This expression is equal to the English one I love you to the moon and back. In Greek, we use plenty of celestial bodies!

How to mention “my baby“ in Greek

A very not unusual place manner to talk to your family is to name them “my baby“. You can do this by announcing “μωρό μου“. The word “μώρο“ is used additionally withinside the diminutive shape “μωράκι μου“.

Usually, this shape in Greek is used to reveal that something is small however at the identical time, it’s how you like or love a person or something. For instance, in case you say “το σπιτάκι μου“ (my little house), it does now no longer always suggest that your property is small. It way in which you like your property!

How to apply any other period of endearment which way “my soul“ in Greek

The use of the word “soul“ could be a very not unusual place in expressing your love in Greek. To say that you could say “ψυχή μου“ (my soul). You can use the diminutive shape right here as well. You can say “ψυχούλα μου“ which once more indicates that you love or like a person.

Some different Greek phrases for romance: compliments

Of path, in case you love a person you need to praise them to cause them to sense unique and unique. There are distinctive methods to do this in Greek. Let`s see the pleasant methods. You can say “ομορφιά μου“ (my beauty) or “είσαι πολύ όμορφη / ος“ (you’re very stunning).

suggests my love. Now, in case you doubt whether or not those are the right phrases to apply and whether or not Greeks use them, I might say that you could use all of them in all ways. Greeks normally like to apply such phrases. Especially guys to women!

A humorous conventional expression in Greek

To finish, we have a humorous and conventional expression this is used for flirting however it’s also used to shaggy dog stories together along with your accomplice. I have to say that for flirting, 99% of the time it does now no longer paintings as it’s miles very banal!

The expression is “Ζαχαροπλάστης ήταν ο μπαμπάς σου;“ (Was your father a pastry chef?). By announcing that, you suggest which you are so stunning and candy that handiest a pastry chef father can “make“ this type of candy person!

Of path, that is something that won’t paint in case you need to flirt, however as a shaggy dog story together with your accomplice, it’s miles very first-rate! 😊 So, I might advocate the use of it in this context handiest!

In conclusion, I am certain that the use of those phrases and expressions will make an excellent influence on your accomplice and you could have a few a laugh together! So, don`t hesitate to apply them!

Below we have a video with all of the phrases and expressions cited in this text so that you can pay attention to the pronunciation and learn whendidreleasedate the way to mention those phrases correctly! How to say I love you in greek

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