How to fight chapter 131

How to fight chapter 131

How to fight chapter 131

How to fight chapter 131

How to fight chapter 131 Lightning Degree Chapter 131 will display the winner of Ryuyeon and Hwi`s combat. The preceding bankruptcy of the manhwa began out the combat among Bi Ryuyeon and Hwi Jicheon. However, Ryuyeon has now no longer discovered a unmarried hint of his electricity

withinside the preceding bankruptcy. The elders suppose that he possesses a few one-of-a-kind types of martial arts apart from track arts. But Ryuyeon is presently sparring together along with his track arts only.

The subsequent bankruptcy of the manhwa could be a determining bankruptcy of the battle. Hwi is already feeling dizzy approximately his situation and can not locate his assaults properly. On the opposite hand,

Ryuyeon is simply protecting the assaults from Jicheon. He did even release a unmarried assault on Jicheon. So maximum probably, Ryuyeon will take the identify of the winner withinside the give up. Check out the item beneathneath for extra information at the manhwa!

Lightning Degree Chapter 131: How Will Ryuyeon Defeat Hwi?

Lightning Degree Chapter 131 would possibly display the manner Ryuyeon will defeat Hwi. It may be stated for positive that Hwi couldn’t be capable of defeat withinside the match. He simply blindly released the Sword Qi assaults on Ryuyeon.

However, Ryuyeon escapes each assault from Jicheon. Moreover, Jicheon isn’t studying the sample or motion of Ryuyeon. He is simply following Ryuyeon with none thought.

How to fight chapter 131

How to fight chapter 131


The different element is that combat ought to come to an give up at a sure point. Then Ryuyeon has to release an assault to defeat Jicheon withinside the match. The impact became turning into clean withinside the preceding match.

But the primary query is why Ryuyeon became searching at Yurine. It appears that each of them have a reference to every different. However, Yurine has now no longer found out it yet.

What Did Happen In The Previous Chapter?

The a hundred and thirtieth bankruptcy of Lightning Degree became complete of a laugh and action. It began out with the query of every contestant. Hwi discovered that he desired to teach below the Sword Dragon saint if he gained the match.

However, Ryuyeon seemed towards Ice Phoneix Yurine and did now no longer inform the call of his teacher. This made Hwi pretty irritated as he became protective that matchless beauty. Still, Ryuyeon won the braveness to flirt with her.

Hwi Jicheon went berserk and began out launching assaults on Ryuyeon. His assaults had been surely implying that his goal became to kill Ryuyeon at each cost. However, Ryuyeon became gambling his track on his instrument.

He became truly dodging all of the Sword Qi assaults from Jicheon. In the give up, the strains from Ryuyeon`s track got here at the panel, which appeared to be devoted to Yurin.

Lightning Degree Chapter 131: Release Date

The launch of the Lightning Degree manhwa isn’t jogging in keeping with the schedule. Moreover, the chapters are liberating formerly after a span whendidrelease of 1 month. From that perspective, Lightning Degree Chapter 131 will launch  How to fight chapter 131

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