How many episodes of squid game

How many episodes of squid game

How many episodes of squid game

How many episodes of squid game The traumatic South Korean mystery began out streaming on September 17 and due to the fact then Netflix has introduced that it’s far the streaming service`s maximum-watched display in ninety nations and is on direction to dethrone Bridgerton as its maximum famous collection of all time.

The display sees 456 determined contestants compete with every different in a mysterious and lethal survival sport related to a couple of rounds of adolescence video games to win 45.6 billion received prize cash that could pull them out in their misery.

There are 9 episodes withinside the collection and they all dropped on September 17.

Who is in Squid Game?

It has a wealth of South Korean talent, from Lee Jung-jae, Wi Ha-jun, and Park Hae-soo, to breakout supermegacelebrity HoYen Jung, who’s participant 067.

Jung is one of the maximum a success fashions in Korea and has been modeling due to the fact 16. She got here 2d withinside the country’s Next Top Model collection and has extra than seven million fans on Instagram.

Will there be a chain 2 of Squid Game?

At the moment, it is now no longer searching likely.”I do not have well-evolved plans for Squid Game 2,” cretor Hwang Dong-hyuk informed Variety. “It is pretty tiring simply considering it.

“But if I had been to do it, I might absolutely now no longer do it alone. I’d recall the use of a writers’ room and might need a couple of skilled directors.”

Hwang additionally pondered on why he thinks the display has struck any such chord globally, noting the collection’ simplicity and relatable characters.

“I desired to put in writing a tale that became an allegory or myth approximately contemporary-day capitalist society, some thing whendidrelease that depicts an excessive opposition, extremely like the acute opposition of life,” he How many episodes of squid game

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