Home sweet home safe code

Home sweet home safe code

Home sweet home safe code

Home sweet home safe code Home Sweet Homebegins with the principle individual named Tim waking up in a dirty pupil dorm room. Since he graduated from the college a long term ago, and besides, he lives in a spacious residence together along with his spouse, he has not anything unique to do here, so we go away the premises. After passing a community of lengthy corridors, in some unspecified time in the future we can pop out to a room with a radio grew to become on.

We pick out the important thing from the curbstone and unencumber the door with it, and then we preserve to stroll alongside the corridors, following a sure female. Having overtaken her, we recognize that we can now no longer get assist from her and it’s miles better, in general, to head lower back. We run lower back to the door and, confronted

we run right into a room that all at once seemed in the back of us, in which we’re hiding in a locker.

As quickly because the risk is over, we preserve our march alongside the corridors. Having reached the door, blocked with the aid of using a chain, we flip to the proper and, pulling up the rope,Ultimately we can locate ourselves on the residing rooms. First of all, we want to get to the other quit of the hall, bypassing the obstacle, the use of the nearby format of the premises.

On the spot, we can discover a passage boarded up with the aid of using boards, so we cross searching for scrap. We cross into room wide variety 104and we observe a hollow main to the subsequent room, withinside the lavatory of which we, in fact, will locate the device we want. Having unblocked the passage and after breaking via the slender communications, we can quickly attain the gate. We activate the huge purple button, and while an evil Thai female appears,

we conceal withinside the locker and look ahead to her to go away.Home sweet home safe code

Of course, the gates did now no longer open, so the fuse changed into additionally broken, so we’re going to search for a replacement. To do this, we cross into the library and, bypassing the scurrying enemy, we get to the closet, in which we pick out the specified object from the desk. Next, we insert the determined fuse into the shield, activate the purple button again, after which we keep ourselves from pursuit with all our might.

Thus, we discover ourselves withinside the partitions of our home. First of all, we investigate the rooms on the primary ground, after which cross up the stairs. Upstairs we get a task: to open the room of our spouse, Jane. To do this, we cross into the bedroom, in which we observe in the back of the photo striking above the bed, a map of the place of the important thing from the room. As it turns out, it’s miles hidden in a bookshelf in the back of the TV cupboard on the primary ground of the residence (see screenshot).

After a quick flashback, we take a look at the pages torn from the spouse`s diary withinside the room, after which we cross downstairs, in which we climb lower back into the closet below the stairs. Having conquer the subsequent communications, we all at once locate ourselves in a residence of oriental design. At the quit of the hall, we observe a door withinside the ground, closed with a mixture lock.

We will discover a mixture to it withinside the room, the doorway to that is positioned among the photographs. The code itself is depicted withinside the shape of multi-coloured notches which are painted at the wall close to the cupboard. We rely the wide variety of strokes of every colour one by one and examine them with the location at the lock the use of the drawn coloured squares.

Note : on this game, the numbers related to fixing such mathematical puzzles are generated randomly.Home sweet home safe code

Having unlocked the door, we preserve to methodically observe the linear corridors. At a few factor we can come to a lifeless quit (to a room with a balcony). To conquer it, we first attempt to open the door via which we entered, after which step to the balcony, in which an front to the air flow will seem in its place. After more than one linear corridors, we can pop out to the stairs. Climbing up it, we cross into the room and alongside the manner we are facing a brand new enemy, this time plenty extra stable in size.

The strategies of handling him, however, are pretty simple: you simply want to live out of the mild of his purple eye. Therefore, at the primary meeting, we conceal in the back of the chest of drawers, and as quickly because it turns away, we right now run out into the hall and preserve in the direction of the stairs. In the quit, we can get to the roof, in which the monster will certainly be awaiting us. Following the above strategies, we cautiously conquer the roof and input the constructing again. Going out to the stairs,

we cross right all the way down to the 1/3 ground. A word may be connected to the wall close to the door (which we certainly want) pointing out that the important thing to it’s miles on the primary ground of the police station. But there’s a key from it, and it hangs subsequent to the word, so, grabbing it, we cross downstairs. As it turns out, the object you want is withinside the secure of one of the web website online employees (see screenshot).

The clue to the code is the photo proven below the desk contrary the secure (see screenshot).

So what`s the factor. The numbers that make up an appropriate code are positioned at the dial strictly above the ones indicated withinside the tooltip. If we bear in mind the above screenshot as an example, then we discover the wide variety ninety at the dial, set it at the lowest center, after which perform the identical manipulations with the relaxation of the numbers.

Thus, we get the preferred key. We go back to the 1/3 ground, unencumber the door and ,whendidreleasedate seeing our spouse withinside the distance, we observe her. So we can visit the ground in which upkeep paintings is underway. Here the item of hobby to us is a small creation crane. We lower Home sweet home safe code

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