Good society hair products

Good society hair products

Good society hair products

Good society hair products The sweetness of honey to melt and liven up the hair. The Magic of Aloe Vera to hydrate and shield. The efficacy of Tea Tree Oil to purify. An enveloping Chamomile and Sultana perfume offers an lively contact to the begin of your day.


Woman`s hairs coloration is set their maximum intimate feelings. Rich Color nourishes and protects the coloration, retaining it sparkling and incredible just like the first day.The hair will shine in all its super reflexes.

For colored hair.

Wasabi, with its anti-oxidant residences, shields the hair from sunrays, chlorine and salt. Melanin: of the essence for coloration period and stability. Guar Flour, Panthenol and Vitamin E: softening, soothing and anti-oxidant residences for the scalp and the hair.

Rich Color has a sensitive Poppy aroma: washing and conditioning the hair could be like taking a spring stroll thru blooming fields.

For Fine, sensitive or thinning hair.

Guar Flour, originating from the grinding of the plant of the identical name, creates a movie that thickens, strengthens and lighte2ns the hair; Oligomineral factors like copper, magnesium and zinc, originating from yeast fermentation, shield and help the hair structure. Panthenol preserves hydration within the hair.

The fragrances of Vanilla and Clementine, sparkling and citrusy, improves your mood, awakening your senses.

Perfect to offer quantity and thickness to the hair, leaving it vibrant and smooth. Ideal for susceptible and quality hair. No t simplest volumizing agents, however additionally a bioactive component (a combination of many substances along with amino-acids and vitamins) that facilitates strengthening the hair from root to length.


Quench your hair with Intense Hydration, the suitable stability for dry and handled hair.

Cream Shampoo, enriched with Panthenol, soothes and calms the hair. Exclusive vegetable origin conditioning factors renew dehydrated and dry hair, leaving it smooth and vibrant.


A Two-segment product, to be shaken earlier than use. It nourishes and hydrates the hair deeply, with an anti-age and filling impact.

Keratin maintenance the damages from the inside. Hyaluronic Acid, A treasured aspect obviously comprised of our body, balances the water within the hair, leaving it smooth and properly hydrated, enhancing its appears and its health, additionally performing as a restructuring conditioner.

Thanks to its shielding and movie ing substances combing is easier; smoothing and softening factors make the hair shine. It has the acute and distinctive Frangipani and Tonka Bean perfume.


Shampoo and Conditioner. Chitosan PCA, a herbal polymer of herbal origin, has filming, hydrating and shielding residences.It facilitates retaining curly hair in shape. Its Kukui and Orange peel perfume is intense, vibrant and lush, complete of energy.


Defines and situations curls making them smooth, elastic and vibrant. It has an green shielding clear out out towards warmness (hairdryers and irons).

Suitable for all form of drying, ideal for use with a hair diffuser. Scented with a charming Exotic Vanilla aroma .


Soft Smoothing makes the hair clean and silky: neglect about frizzy and untameable hair, welcome shine and order!Chrondus Crispus, a small pink seaweed wealthy in magnesium and zinc, shields the hair with a calming water-resistant movie.

Jojoba Oil, a treasured essence used centuries in the past from primitive people, nourishes the hair, making it shine. Vitamin E, a robust anti-oxidant element, protects the hair from atmospheric agents.

Magnolia Rose and Fructos perfume, a scrumptious blend of vegetation and culmination will include you, gently.


Straightening anti-frizz cream. It maximises the directly impact and guarantees a protracted lasting hair set. It offers shine and will increase hair combability. It has a unique shielding clear out out for warmness. Perfect for all form of dryings.

Delicate Magnolia Rose heady fragrance.


Vegetable Coal, purifying and soaking up substance, makes this Shampoo best each for the hair and the skin: after training, after a protracted day of paintings… Surfactants are sweetened with the aid of using Magnesium, Guar Flour and Glycerol, making it sensitive and green on the identical time. Juniper, Sandalwood and Mango, distinctive and conventional aromas. SLE/SLES AND Paraben Free.

fifty one SHINY GREY

White and gray hair generally tend to expect that nasty yellowish color. Shiny Grey Shampoo has an anti-yellow impact, restoring herbal mild into the hair and making silver tones shine again.Sunflower Oil and Glycerol hydrate the hair, making it vibrant, mild and silky.

Shiny Grey Shampoo has a pleasurable combined berry perfume, that turns the shampoo revel in into an inebriating moment.

fifty one Argan Oil Hair Serum

It protects from the warmness (hair drier and flat iron) and has a straightening anti frizz impact. We formulated this product way whendidrelease to a managed aspect, Argan Oil, originating from southern Moroccan cooperatives that paintings safeguarding the  Good society hair products

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