Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021 The Ghost Adventures group – Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, BIlly Tolley and Jay Wasley – are again at the haunt, investigating all-new incidents of severe and worrying paranormal hobby.

The Ghost Adventures group get hold of calls at the ordinary approximately claims of unrelenting paranormal hobby this is terrifying the ones in its wake. Whether it`s poltergeist hobby at a famous Hollywood dress keep or shadow figures internal a movie star residence,

those complicated paranormal mysteries go away all people looking answers. Using superior current era at the side of their specific paranormal instinct and extra than many years of revel in, Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay have a look at every state of affairs looking

“What we revel in this season is a number of the maximum bodily and mental paranormal hobby yet,” stated Bagans. “We`re handling cursed land, portals, demonic hobby and really anxious belongings proprietors who’re afraid to stay and paintings in those locations.

Episode 1 – “The Great Saltair Curse” – Begins Streaming Thursday, July 22 Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

The Ghost Adventures group is at the banks of Utah`s Great Salt Lake to analyze The Great Saltair, a century-antique song venue this is host to terrifying hauntings, and plagued through misfortune, catastrophe or even death.

Many accept as true with the belongings is haunted through Saltair Sally, a lady whose frame became located at the belongings in 2000, and proof indicates the encircling land is cursed, amplifying the antagonistic paranormal energy.

During their investigation, the crew is plagued through severe bodily afflictions, disembodied voices, unexplained figures and an array of horrifying anomalies.

Episode 2 – “Terror on the Toy Shop” – Begins Streaming Thursday, July 29 Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

Zak Bagans and the group stumble upon a number of the maximum exquisite poltergeist hobby ever at Hollywood Toys and Costumes, a haunted dress keep in Hollywood, California. Riddled with darkness and tragedy, the supernaturally charged constructing takes the men on a journey they’ll in no way overlook all through an exceedingly dynamic investigation.

Episode 3 – “Haunting withinside the Hills” – Begins Streaming Thursday, August 5

The Ghost Adventures group look at the Hollywood Hills domestic of version and tv persona Holly Madison. She is experiencing worrying paranormal hobby, along with demonic growls, and suspects that something haunts the belongings is preying on her fear.

Episode 4 – “Territorial Enterprise” – Begins Streaming Thursday, August 12

Zak Bagans and the crew open a terrifying new bankruptcy in Virginia City, Nevada, a haunted metropolis that`s stored the group coming again once more and once more. This time, they’re specializing in locations in metropolis, the Territory Enterprise

Building and the Knights of Pythias constructing. Locals suspect the metropolis’s connection to a mystery society may also have opened a portal to the netherworld.

Episode 5 – “Emergency in Elk Grove” – Begins Streaming Thursday, August 19

The group is referred to as to Elk Grove, California, to assist a grieving lady who believes she is being terrorized through a demon and fears for her safety. The case takes a fair extra twisted flip while she exhibits that the darkish presence haunting her can be answerable for her father’s death.

Episode 6 – “Carbon County Chaos” – Begins Streaming Thursday, August 26

When the small metropolis of Helper, Utah, is below siege through darkish forces, the mayor calls at the Ghost Adventures group for assist. She whendidrelease suspects that current renovations to 2 anciental homes can be at the back of the surge in paranormal hobby.Ghost adventures season 26 release date 2021

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