Do loved ones know when you visit their grave

Do loved ones know when you visit their grave

Do loved ones know when you visit their grave

Do loved ones know when you visit their grave In the grave, there are 3 varieties of human beings, because the Hadith states, there are the ones folks that died believers, mu`mineen, their aqida [belief] turned into complete. The grave will develop into a transient paradise for them. ”

Al qabr rawdatun min riyadh al-Jannah,” for the believer. So whilst you’re installed your grave Allah opens a window into the barzakh, you may get a transient heaven, paradise, lawn until the Day of Judgment. You’re receiving your sustenance from Allah.And on the equal time, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, He takes your soul.

Where is that lawn you have been asking, proper?

It begins offevolved a window from the grave, however it ends at Wadi Salam. Allah gathers Arwah al mu’mineen, the souls of the believer in wadi salam. They collect there in circles. They have discussions. They speak with one another.

One time Imam Ali, alayhi assalam, handed through Wadi as-Salam on certainly considered one among his journeys in Iraq, the Imam handed through Wadi as-Salam and he commenced searching on the desert, simply searching. One of the partners informed him, Imam,

what are you searching at?

It’s empty right here. There’s nobody. The imam says, you do not see what I see. I see the souls of believers proper now right here in Wadi as-Salam in circles discussing and speaking and playing themselves, and I’m searching at them.

So Allah takes arwah al mu’mineen to Wadi as-Salam, and over there can be a transient lawn wherein they may revel in the benefits from Allah.And you understand, very interestingly, the Hadith states whilst a brand new lifeless character joins, a person dies,

Allah takes their soul after the musa’ala [questioning] withinside the qabr, after thinking you for your grave and also you byskip that, Allah takes your soul to Wadi as-Salam. The minute the character arrives, everyone, in Wadi as-salam involves him.

They ask him approximately human beings whom they knew in lifestyles. They inform him, did so-and-so, for example, Zayd, Ibn Amr.

When earlier than you died, turned into he alive or he had died?

If he tells them that Zayd died a few years in the past and that they do not see him in Wadi as-Salam, they mechanically understand he went to hell. He did not make it right here, so that they ask the newcomer quick approximately human beings and a few buddies what took place to them.

If they inform him no, he is nevertheless alive, then they say, OK, perhaps he’ll be part of us whilst he dies. But if they are informed he is lifeless and he is now no longer to be determined there, they understand he is in trouble.

So Allah gathers the souls of mu’mineen in Wadi as-Salam and one of the benefits in Wadi as-Salam is that every now and then the soul of the Imam’s of the Ahlul Bayt, they arrive to Wadi as-salaam and the mumineen shape circles round them. A

nd they speak lovely matters with the Imams of Ahlul Bayt. This is Wadi as-Salam for the mu’min [believer+. So primarily based totally at the deeds which you have made, Allah, Subhanah wa Ta’ala, will come up with an excellent repute in Barzakh till the Day of Judgment.

There’s a lovely hadith that states, whilst you deliver charity, sadaqa, on behalf of a lifeless character, when you have a cherished one, a member of the family who died, deliver sadaqa on his behalf. Allah, Subhana wa Ta’ala, sends Jibraeel, the wonderful angel, he sends Jibraeel

with seventy thousand angels. They take your sadaqa withinside the shape of Barzakh gifts. He descends, the angels descend at the soul of the deceased and that they deliver your hadiya, the sadaqa you gave on behalf of the lifeless, they deliver it to the lifeless character. Jibrael with seventy thousand angels offers your hadiya.

Imagine what that does to the lifeless character, how satisfied they become, the praise that they get. So do not ever overlook the lifeless. My expensive brothers and sisters, the maximum effective factor is sadaqa, to offer charity on behalf of the lifeless.

Number , salaat. The Prophet, sallaAllahu alaihi wa alyhi, says “l. a. rakatayn min ma tahtaqiroon” rakas that you belittle, rakas, what is the fee of it?

We do not actually understand the fee of it, we do not recognize it. The Prophet says “khairun lahum” the lifeless human beings “min ma talat alaihi al-shams.” The prophet says rakas which you deliver to the lifeless is higher for them than the universe. Then what, then what the solar shines upon.

So this is the believers withinside the grave, and we’ve many, many stuff with the intention to make the qabr and the grave for you a completely easy process. One of them is “birr al walidayn” being right on your parents.

One of them is the Ziyara of the Ahlul Bayt, peace be upon them, touring the Imams of Ahlul Bayt, come returned for your grave and that they go to you. That’s a promise from the Imams, in case you visited the Imam 10 times, the Imam can pay returned due to the fact the imam is generous.

You understand, in lots of cultures, in case you go to a person, they arrive and that they go to you returned. Well, in case you visited the Imams, you visited the Prophet, sallaAllahu alayhi wa aalih, they may are available in your grave and they may go to you returned.

The 2nd organization of human beings are the ones kuffar who’re complete of evil, they intentionally and knowingly rejected the symptoms and symptoms of God. They unfold evil on earth. The Prophet, sallaAllahu alayhi wa aalih, states: ”

grave will develop into a transient hearthplace for them”. Yes, “rawdatun min riyadh al-jannah aw hufratun min hufar al-niraan,” a window into hell will open for them and they may be burnt in that hell till the Day of Judgment. Yes.

For what they did, individuals who have been actually evil. I’m now no longer speaking approximately a person who may also have achieved whendidrelease a few evil acts. No, The one that led a lifestyles of evil, a person like Saddam. Do loved ones know when you visit their grave

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