Call Mom mobile | Don’t forget to call your Mother

Call Mom mobile

Call Mom mobile | Don’t forget to call your Mother

Call Mom mobile | Don’t forget to call your Mother


For days or weeks on the receiving end of a call from your Mom who is upset and has not heard how many times have you found yourself? The Call your mom Reminders app does exactly that if this sounds familiar, then you may need it, with that nagging phone call sends you reminders to call your Mom so you don’t end up.

Frustrated leaving me:

Talk About a the frustrating experience, I must say I like the idea of this app. Within this app, supposedly, you can call right from, for me, but no such luck. The entire thing I found rather annoying. I found the app did not live up to what had been described in reading the developer’s descriptions page.

Set your reminders when you launch it. The first thing you need to do is a reminder of how often you want, and you want them what time, and the reminder sound. Your mother’s phone number will also be input. I did all This, but I made a mistake in it. That I set it, and it automatically told me I had already called her today; as far as the app is connected, my Call is done. I was not able to go back and delete that log.

Another question raises:

 if you call many times, then what? Of one a day of each reminder, if you choose rather than just a maximum, I think the frequency you have to choose from is rather limiting, and instead, you should be able to set the time.

Under interface Unfriendly:

The interface of this app was very unfriendly. I found it demanding; I want it did not give me the screen options. The ads across the bottom were far too distracting. This app I want to like; the following, though, was better. It’s such a cute idea. I just wished it looked more professional, with more useable features given.

To be a very simple to access so I’m not wasting time trying to figure out what appears I would appreciate instructions.Because I never was able to get mine to work, I can’t comment on the call quality or how easy it was to use. To call their Mom from it does what it promises, and they were able to call on the iTunes page for this app one user commented on it, saying. The same experience I wish I had.


Ø  To call your Mom and sends you reminders.

Ø  From within, the app gives you a way to call

your Mom.

Ø  The reminder you set (time of the day,

frequency and the sound your reminder will make.

Has your Mom ever told you that she missed you and wanted to listen to your voice:

Main features of Call moms:

What number to call tell the app:

From your phone list of contact. To do once, you will probably only, but picking another number lateris always an option.

How often to pick call:

To call your Mom every day, right? Will you probably want to? Some other alternatives you can detect some other, Like Twice a week or once a month.

Never miss a call again:

Call Mom app with, to miss your voice you Mom will never have. Even if life is busy, to your Mom, you will never miss a call.

Call Mom mobile

Call Mom mobile

Mother’s day:

When mother’s day is around the world, the app will let you know.

Don’t waste your Battery:

It’s not a charger waste the Call Mom app. On calling your Mom, we want you to space your battery for the long battery life we have optimized.

Your Data is Safe:

Even any permissions if you don’t give the app Call Mom, Just it will still work. Any of your private data we don’t collect or store, TO call it to let you pick the right number and the only reason the app requests access to your contacts.

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