BlueStacks | All information that you need to know


BlueStacks | All information that you need to know

BlueStacks | All information that you need to know

BlueStacks is an American online company technology known for BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products. It is specially designed for android mobiles. Design to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS. Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma founded the company in 2009.


At the conference in San Francisco, the company announced that May 26, 2011 the Citrix Synergy. The app is designed for Android. On April 25, 2009 the company of BlueStacks was founded by Jay Vaishnav, Rosen Sharam, and Suman Saraf.


For running Android apps, you don’t need android devices. BlueStack’s can run the most popular gains freemium window apps like Candy Crush Saga and Whatsapp Messenger while in another window you also work Microsoft Office. The The software of BlueStack’s is forced on the selling apps and requires you to pay a $2 monthly fee. It is when you choose not to install titles from BlueStack’s partner. On Blue Stack back, poor performance, buggy features, and an annoying interface also hold.

BlueStacks is safe and trustworthy app:

A major company produces the app of BlueStack’s BlueStacks IS a LEGITIMATE APP. As long as you can use the BlueStack’s app and install apps, you can see that it’s safe to use. It might be riskier to install it from a third-party site. It’s safe to proceed when you install the official program from BlueStacks.

Popular features of BlueStacks:

Installation of APP Easy:

You can install the apps in your android app directly from the Google play store is the other way either the BlueStacks, and you can install the app on your phone. You Can also install the BlueStacks toolbar if you have an app like APL file.

With PC device integration:

With your computer devoice, BlueStacks seamlessly integrate peripherals, including in the muse, webcam, and others.

Game controllers:

Moat apps of the game son androids have a set of default control that make the best use of the computer’s keyboard and mouse within BlueStacks you can modify and customize these controls within BlueStacks.

Multi-instance support:

Using the BlueStacks app can allow you to open the same game in multiple windows. At one time, you can play it with two or more accounts. And also, play multiple games with yourself.


With keyboard shortcuts, BlueStacks includes a robot macro edit to automate tasks.

Requirements and compatibility:



The BlueStacks can run on most modern computers without a problem. For installation of BlueStacks, it’s a key feature of system requirements:

PC: Windows 10 is recommended, but you have Windows 7 or higher. The RAM of 8 GB is recommended, but 2 GB is required. At least 5 GB head drive space you will need and have broadband internet access. To run successfully, your PC needs a modern multi-core CPU.

Mac: For the blue, Stack recommended macOS 10.13, but you need macOS 10.12. The RAM is 8 GB recommended, and 4GB is required. You need at least 8 GB of storage space on your hard drive, and the SSD is recommended. To successfully run the BlueStacks, you need a modern multi-core CPU.


The installation process is very simple. It’s like running the EXE file. Of displace, the program requires 2 GB of RAM and 9 GB of disc space. With the app store, Access, and Application Communication enabled, BlueStacks tells you it runs the best ap stores. What they do is not clear on the reinstallation screen, but you can check the installation process. By the App store, its access to the google Play and Amazon App store application communication. To connect through text message states, you allow BlueStacks to connect; however, per BlueStack’s privacy policy. You have the opt-out options, but I left these enabled. To initialize the program for the first time does take a while time.

User interface:

When you first launch the program, the focus on the game is clear. For most games except the media and messenger category, instead of seeing the android home screen, you present the rows of apps for most of the games. Androids emulator runs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Like a simple app launcher, it words like more. You get a customized window s app instead of getting the full Android

The user interface, The ANDROID PROGRAM, SMAY BE FULL SCREEN, AND FIXED SIZE WINDOWS.  The Home screen is confusing for BlueStacks. At first glance, it looks like you have all these apps installed, but when you tap on the top thumbnails, it takes you to Google Play, and you can install the app there. BlueStacks suggests you some apps. There are no other ways to rearrange the apps and home screen or remove the thumbnails. Whenever you start the BlueStacks, you can see these suggestions apps. Clicking on more buttons shows you the unlimited number of recommended apps, All the Android apps in that category you could download. If you want to install the app and on the home screen you could not find it, then on the search bar, you can search the name of the app you want to install then click on search. Otherwise, there is no direct link to Google Play browsing apps.

Keyboard and Touch-screen input:

When running an app with BlueStacks instead of window full-screen mode on the plus side. With support for multiple touches, it feels like you are on Android Tablet and sensor integration. BlueStacks is designed for the non-touchscreen computer owner in mind.

Special feature:

BlueStacks also offer some interesting features like Syncing apps between your phone and windows app through the cloud connect app; There is a shared folder where you can move the files between phone to PC. On On the other hand, loading apps worked like a charm; when you want to test out an app not present on Google play, that feature works great.

The Bottom Line;

In the end, you can find the BlueStacks to be buggy. You can play many games on it, the software limitation and performance issues keep from recommend this program to anyone.

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