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Banana blog Being multilingual more or less interprets to speakme a mixture of languages this is regularly best understood with the aid of using the ones you stay with or folks that talk the identical set of languages, that is pretty uncommon in my case. Throwing in more than one Arabic phrases that conflict with Hungarian grammar guidelines however additionally in shape

What it Means to be a Hungarian-Palestinian

Being each Hungarian and Palestinian confuses matters for me, now greater than ever. I say this due to the fact in advance in lifestyles, I by no means notion approximately the political issue of matters. The technique that separates human beings from one another. The technique that divides families. The technique that ends in the breaking aside of countries;

Anti-Blackness withinside the Arab Region

It`s withinside the US anyway.” Part of a real-lifestyles communication that occurred on each different nook down the block. Part of the reasons human beings made for now no longer posting, speakme up, or elevating consciousness whilst the BLM motion struck in early 2020. Part […]

Colonialism and its Impact on Language

Recognizing how colonialism has affected schooling has allowed us to understand the significance of the function that schooling performs with regards to language; and in particular in keeping one`s mom tongue. The effect schooling has on language is one which can not cross unnoticed, whether or not this is withinside the experience of dropping the need and ability […]

Alienated in Your Own Home

My stance in society regularly nonetheless feels and appears plenty like a foggy horizon at some stage in sunrise. One that feels each unappreciated however additionally preferred relying at the situations of that particular day or situation. Is there ever a hard and fast factor in a nearby expat`s lifestyles in Qatar, wherein they sense c

To Kill or to Die

Week 10`s dialogue turned into one I determined mainly interesting, in particular in view that I turned into facilitating, along my partner, of course. I assume the concept of studying our Professor`s writing introduced that greater spark of exhilaration that wouldn`t in any other case be there, and so I`d want to make an effort to delve into it a

The Shari`a Law in a Modern State

The Shari`a regulation is certainly considered one among which stands chiefly else, protecting energy over choices to be made, at the same time as making sure the togetherness of a community… however for a way lengthy

My apologies for having you stare on the name of this submit for an awesome 5 minutes, probably with a raised eyebrow, squinted eyes, and a scrunched nose. The translation is simple: “Hungarian, Arabic, or English

Religion Uniting Us All

Take a second to consider it and permit your solution sink in. Whether you`re considering looking after it physically, mentally, or each, your solution is valid. Unfortunately, I`m assuming that maximum human beings`s solution could be a simple “no”, or an on and off […]

The Oppressiveness of the Education System

Starting first grade on the age of 5, graduating high school at 17, and presently being a sophomore college pupil at 18 is an ongoing cycle of strain that appears so by no means-ending — till we`re hit with a four month lengthy summer whendidrelease time season break.  Banana blog

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