Why does youtube keep switching to light mode

Why does youtube keep switching to light mode

Why does youtube keep switching to light mode One answer that a Reddit person presented turned into clearing the YouTube statistics. There turned into a flood of different Reddit customers thanking him and announcing it works.

1. Click on the Lock icon to the left of the YouTube URL

The first step is clicking on the lock icon to the left of the YouTube URL. You ought to have visible it on different websites as well.

2. Select “Site Settings“ Why does youtube keep switching to light mode

Once you click on the Lock icon, you`ll see a pop-up window appear. Several alternatives, including “Site settings,” are a piece to the lowest of the window.

3. Click on “Clear statistics“

After you select “Site settings,” you`ll be redirected to any other web page. This is where you`ll see lots of alternatives for YouTube.

At the pinnacle of the web page, you could see the “Clear statistics” button. Click it to reset YouTube with the aid of using clearing its cookies and different statistics files.

This ought to assist YouTube to hold its Dark Mode indefinitely. If it doesn`t, then the second answer in this listing will make sure you’ve got got a Dark Mode in any respect times!

Use a Dark Mode Extension

There are lots of Dark Mode extensions withinside the Google Store, which you could get for free.

Why use the damaged YouTube Dark Mode when you could use an extension?

That`s what I do, and it`s been operating non-stop, like a charm, and not using an interruption whatsoever. Follow the stairs under to download and set up a Dark Mode extension in your browser:

1. Search for “Dark Reader” on Chrome

The extension I use is Dark Reader, and it`s been the best so far. You download it, set up it, and neglect approximately it. All the net may be darkish forever!

Search for it on Google and open the primary link, the Chrome Google store.

2. Select “Add to Chrome“

Once you open the Dark Reader reliable extension web page, you`ll see a blue button withinside the pinnacle-proper nook. Select “Add to Chrome” and verify which you need to put in the extension.

3. Enable Dark Reader Why does youtube keep switching to light mode

After you put in the extension, you`ll want to permit it. Click on your “Extensions” tab withinside the browser`s pinnacle-proper nook.

This will open a window with all your extensions. Find “Dark Reader” and click on it. This will open up the Dark Reader window, in which you could permit the extension.

You`ll see the “On” button withinside the pinnacle-proper nook of the Dark Reader window. Click on it, and the Dark Mode may be enabled.

You can also additionally want to refresh your net web page for the effects, though. And maximum importantly, that is a generalized Dark Mode.

You can`t make an unmarried internet site Dark. Either you’re making them all or none in any respect. You can switch on mild mode for a particular internet site in case you need that.

Conclusion Why does youtube keep switching to light mode

To summarize, I don`t recognize why YouTube randomly turns to Light Mode. Its Dark whendidreleasedate Mode characteristic isn’t operating properly, now any longer even after numerous years of personal complaints. Why does youtube keep switching to light mode