Why did Ella layers leave professor t

Why did Ella layers leave professor t

Why did Ella layers leave professor t Eccentric crook psychology Professor T (Koen De Bouw) has an exquisite mind, but additionally, numerous neurological problems which make him complicated and regularly difficult, with a completely unpredictable nature. Along together along with his dependent-on colleagues Annelies (Ella Leyers) and Daan (Bart Hollanders), they shape a group of high-powered advisors that the Antwerp Homicide Department involves depends on.

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Episode 1: Three Oak Campus Why did Ella layers leave professor t

A lady is raped on an Antwerp college campus in a situation same to an unsolved case from 10 years earlier. Inspector Annelies Donckers calls upon her former crook psychology professor Jasper Teerlinck (Professor T) to assist crack the not possible case. Simultaneously professional and eccentric, his curious techniques ruffle some feathers along the way.

Episode 2: A Fatal Mistake Why did Ella layers leave professor t

A college`s leader librarian is poisoned, however, police trust he may also have been the incorrect target. Their fears are shown once they find out about some other sufferer. Professor T is summoned to assist resolve the crime, a good deal to the horror of Chief Inspector Rabet (Herwig Ilegems), who’s but to be satisfied via way of means of Professor T`s debatable ways.

Episode 3: The Inspection

The chairwoman of the faculty`s inspection group is murdered. At first, it looks as if a theft has long gone wrong, however, Professor T is satisfied the faculty major is in some way concerned. Annelies and Daan confront Rabet over his growing consuming hassle, however, agree now no longer to inform the commissioner. Meanwhile, Annelies opens as much as Daan approximately her father`s Alzheimer`s disease.

Episode 4: Double Life Why did Ella layers leave professor t

The police look at the disappearance of a first-yr regulation pupil with numerous secrets and techniques to hide. Meanwhile, Professor T is visited via way of means of a name lady and makes a unique arrangement. Daan starts to suspect Annelies has a boyfriend, however, she quickly places him directly. Meanwhile, Inspector Rabet`s consuming hassle is getting worse, and Annelies loses her temper.

Episode 5: The Hotel Murder

A healthcare professional is killed, and the police are searching out a girl he had spent the night time with. Professor T believes she is innocent, however, Commissioner Flamant (Tanja Oostvogels) has forbidden her group to touch Professor T for assistance. Professor T starts his very own research. Annelies concurs to move on a date with Daan, and Professor T`s mom will become increasingly worried approximately her son.

Episode 6: Tamara

The name lady who visits Professor T is observed lifeless in her apartment. The police trust she dedicated suicide, however, Professor T isn’t so positive and hides the truth that he is aware of the sufferer living in the research group. Inspector Rabet is again and he hasn`t forgotten that Professor T betrayed him. Annelies and Daan aren’t speakme to every other.

Episode 7: The Mask Murders

Years ago, Flamant solved a sequence of murders via way of means of a masked killer. Now the same crime has been dedicated. Is it a copycat or did Flamant capture the incorrect person? Rushed to a medical institution for surgery, Professor T facilitates Flamant from his unwell bed. Annelies` father suggests up, absolutely disoriented, and Annelies realizes she desires to search for the right long-time period solution.

Episode 8: The Go-Between

Chief inspector Rabet receives into hassle while he`s faced with the person who killed his daughter in a vehicle crash. The guy in query is the idea to be concerned is against the law and even as Rabet is sure he`s guilty, his colleagues are much less satisfied. Meanwhile, Professor T is administering oral tests and reveals a not-likely research resource is certainly considered one among his students.

Episode 9: Motherly Love

The kidnapping of a younger boy shocks the group who do the whole lot they can to discover him. However, Professor T questions the innocence of his parents. whendidreleasedate Professor T`s mom invitations him to provide at the outlet of her artwork exhibition, a prospect he’s dreading. Robert reveals himself as a challenge to a proper inquiry following the mistreatment of a visitor inspector. Why did Ella layers leave professor t