Why did barney go to jail

Why did barney go to jail

Why did barney go to jail It appears that for each infant who cherished Barney & Friends, there has been an older grinch who couldn`t stand the huge pink dinosaur — and a few who even did him bodily harm.

“Barney is so impossibly wholesome, there may be that preference to pop the balloon,” authentic Blues Clues supermegacelebrity Steve Burns says withinside the new two-component documentary I Love You, You Hate Me, which chronicles the upward push of the kids’ programming juggernaut and the tragic story that spread out for the ones at the back of the scenes.

The complete documentary is now to be had on Peacock, however, right here are only some highlights from the relatively darkish real story.

No, the actor gambling Barney did now no longer dedicate suicide withinside the suit (or at all)…

First matters first: Since the fact is simply as surprising, let’s dispel all the wrong Barney rumors earlier than digging into the facts. The documentary proves and/or asserts that, no, the actor gambling Barney did now no longer disguises capsules in his tail, do capsules in among scenes, or holds himself in his suit.

“My mother was known as me as soon as crying,” says David Joyner, who embodied the pink dinosaur at the collection from 1991 to 2001. “I become like, ‘Mom, what is going on?’ And she becomes like, ‘Baby, I simply heard you dedicated suicide!'”

Also, the Barney subject music performed backward supplied no mystery message, and Barney becomes now no longer the chief of the kid’s cult, the antichrist, or a predator… that closing one is perhaps a comprehensible assumption, given he becomes modeled after a Tyrannosaurus rex (and, in a single early iteration, Bruce Willis’ Moonlighting character!).

But he did open a tantric intercourse business Why did barney go to jail

“I figured, ‘After 10 years, I’ve accomplished Barney, I’ve usually desired to transport to Los Angeles to do different acting,'” Joyner says of transferring from Barney’s manufacturing hub in Texas. Roles on the whole thing from That’s So Raven to The Young and the Restless followed, as did a profession as a tantric strength healer.

“I assist goddesses to reconnect with their sexual strength on a religious level,” explains the actor, who become studying “white lotus” tantra in 1990 whilst he was given solid as Barney. As a part of his contract, he become requested to signal a record announcing he could now no longer train or talk approximately tantra even as hired at the collection.

As for what his paintings as a healer entails, Joyner says his costs cowl strength paintings, massage, and meditation — “something past that, there may be no greater fee.” When requested to factor clean if he has intercourse together with his customers, Joyner replies, “Not necessarily. Not all of the customers have a complete session.”

Peacock’s ‘I Hate You, You Hate Me’ | CREDIT: PEACOCK Why did barney go to jail

“Kids could name me ‘Barney lover.’ And they could arise to me and say [that] Barney ought to have molested us or something. I’d get that everyone the time — all of the time,” says Hope Cervantes, who performed Tosha from 1992 to ’96. “And it becomes painful, given my records of really going via that. It stung,” she continues. “I did flip to capsules and alcohol to cope, to deal.”

“I did not need to be recognized as ‘the Barney girl’…so rather I took to horrific habits,” says Leah Montes, who performed Lucy from ’88 to ’92. “If you desired to have a drink, yeah, I may have a drink with you — or a smoke… I’d alternatively be recognized for that.”

Rickey Carter, who performed Derek from ‘ninety to ’95, joined a gang.

“When I left Barney, the streets had been calling, and I answered,” he says. “It was given a touch hard — it was given actual hard,” he says of a pal mugging him at gunpoint in 2004. Carter tried to run and become shot withinside the spine, turning into paralyzed. After 12 months of rehab, he defied his doctor’s notion he’d in no way stroll again. “It becomes a miracle,” Carter says.

“Barney Bashing” become actual — and scary

In 1993, 3 boys attacked a person dressed up as Barney at a Texas buying mall. You Hate Me additionally tells of a person arrested for attack and battery “towards Barney,” a father who began an anti-Barney newsletter, whendidreleasedate and a collection of university college students who prepared activities all approximately destroying Barney products. Why did barney go to jail