When the villainess is in love

When the villainess is in love

When the villainess is in love In my actual lifestyles, I became glad fawning over Abel Louvremont, the principle man or woman of my preferred book `Persona.` But after a fateful automobile accident, I awakened in `Persona,` however whilst Abel continues to be a valuable toddler.

Now, as Aisha Heathcliff, I can fangirl cute Abel up close, squee!! I`ll do whatever I can to make certain he’s looked after and receives what he needs! And, somehow, meaning I`m engaged to… his dad

Reasons you would possibly like I Married the Male Lead`s Dad…

Both characteristic a isekai’d lady protagonist that fangirl over their preferred characters in a single eay or another. In I have become the heros mom she is isekai’d to earlier than the novels starting and follows her as she maintains to Stan the male lead who’s nonetheless dwelling out his early

life earlier than the Novel takes place. Through a chain of misunderstandings she marries his father and will become his step mom doting on him and slowly falling in love together along with his narcassitic father as they plan the wedding.

In whilst the villainess loves she is reincarnated because the evil villainess who she loves from the radical that advanced a disorder that became tied to ehr soul. In order to store herself she summons the Mc to update her and without a doubt asks her to stay out her lifestyles as she pleases.

The Mc is going directly to get near all of the characters she cherished from the radical if you want to store them from a grotesque quit as the radical formerly had dictate. She is decided to store them and without a doubt stay out her new lifestyles

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Haewon`s bold dream is to find out a unprecedented new flower and be all the time remembered in botanist history. Eunseong simply desires to escape from the drawn-out combat to inherit manipulate of his father’s company, searching for solace in a less difficult existence.

When those pass paths withinside the giant Mongolian desert, the enchantment is close to magnetic. But no romance is ever that simple, mainly now no longer whilst Haewon is terminally sick and dying. She’s determined to hold her infection a mystery simply lengthy sufficient to meet her dream.

But Eunseong isn’t inclined to permit her go, and returning to the lifestyles he ran farfar from can be the most effective manner to store her now. With each in their lives at the line, what does destiny have in save for them?

Reasons you would possibly like If You Give Me Flowers, I’ll Give You Myself…

Although the Villainess loves revolves round an isekai lady protagonist each of theses memories characteristic those important characters as having an incurable disorder with a purpose to purpose their deaths withinside the close to future.

In the radical whilst the villainess lives the principle man or woman has clearly already been cured however the ones round her retain to misconceive her as a person who’s nonetheless terminally Ill. Both of the MCs notwithstanding being sick are very vibrant those who supply mild to the ones round them notwithstanding their reputedly grim circumstances

I Am the Real One

A prophecy foretold that the Grand Duke might most effective have one water elementalist born from him. Though she lacks her father`s affection, Keira is aware of she`s destined for the ones powers. But after years of doing what became proper and right of a noble,

she`s done after the conniving Cosette appears, claiming to be the Grand Duke`s actual daughter. But then—Keira wakes up with newfound purpose: make changes, allies, or even pals earlier than it`s too late. Will it’s sufficient earlier than Cosette hatches her plot?

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Both of the MCs are made out to be the villain and progressively benefit the affection of the humans round them allbeit they may be quite shielding of the MCs. Both of the memories even have a dense protagonist and (in my opinion) demanding authentic MC.

Girl Jock Empress

Wild and carefree via way of means of day, coronary heart breaker via way of means of night. The stunning Hae-sul sooner or later whendidrelease wakes up withinside the frame of an empress of an surprising world. As she navigates her new When the villainess is in love