When his eyes opened chapter 1208

When his eyes opened chapter 1208

When his eyes opened chapter 1208 Jun Wu Xie had now no longer concept that the reality might be like this. Wen Yu had certainly been to the Dark Emperor`s tomb however he did now no longer understand the precise place of in which the Dark Emperor`s changed into. What similarly perplexed Jun Wu Xie changed into,

how did Wen Yu who had already entered the Dark Emperor`s tomb, control to depart that place?

Some mysteries were resolved, however that had now no longer decreased Jun Wu Xie`s quantity of puzzlement withinside the least, however had as an alternative multiplied it.

His beyond revel in were similar to the mother and father of Qiao Chu and the others and the handiest lucky issue changed into that he had lived, with the unlucky issue being that his whole own circle of relatives were massacred.

Wen Yu ultimately smiled. This changed into first time he advised each person approximately this grave mystery he concealed in his coronary heart ever considering he deserted his authentic identity. This mystery had given him a good deal angst that had amassed

“Since the motive the Condor Country had mobilized their military changed into due to the Soul Calming Jade, then the truth that the Soul Calming Jade is withinside the Qi Kingdom is now now no longer a mystery.

Someone withinside the Condor Country has truely joined forces with one of the powers withinside the Middle Realm and despite the fact that the military Your Majesty led had quashed their plans this time, whilst the information reaches the Middle Realm,

it’d nevertheless convey pretty a piece of problem to them. If Your Majesty sincerely needs to shield the Qi Kingdom, the handiest desire might be to silence the humans withinside the Condor Country who is aware of approximately it,

In order to obtain their goals, they might do it in any respect cost, no matter consequences. The Dark Emperor`s tomb to them, held an excessive amount of of a lethal charm and they’d now no longer permit move of any clue that would likely make them it.

Moreover, withinside the eyes of many humans withinside the Middle Realm, the life of humans withinside the Lower Realm had been similar to that of insects. Even killing off 1,000,000 of them, might now no longer lead them to even crease their brows withinside the slightest.

Wen Yu words, precipitated Jun Wu Xie`s coronary heart to shake barely.

“Your Majesty has handiest visible your vassal`s power, and it appears now no longer too bad. But, withinside the Middle Realm, humans with better powers than your vassal, are many more.” Wen Yu stated.

Wen Yu smiled weakly and stated:

“Your Majesty truly is aware of approximately the Middle Realm. A pity though, your vassal changed into now no longer from the Twelve Palaces, however from one of the Temples a number of the Nine Temples. I surprise if Your Majesty has ever heard of the Nine Temples?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Although she had heard of them, however she knew not anything approximately them.

: “The Middle Realm includes One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces, and their may, is likewise divided thru those ranks as well. The maximum effective amongst them is the Dark Regions, who as soon as unified the Middle Realm, at the same time as subsequent

comes the Four Sides, accompanied with the aid of using the Nine Temples, with the Twelve Palaces on the tail cease conserving the lowest rungs withinside the hierarchy of power. Although the quantity of humans withinside the Nine Temples are much less than the Twelve Palaces, their may are but a good deal in advance of the Twelve Palaces.”

Jun Wu Xie listened intently, committing each unmarried phrase to mind.

Three days later, the Fire Country held the grand rite to hire their Empress and Qu Ling Yue have become the brand new Emperor`s handiest consort withinside the Imperial Harem because the Empress.From that second on, the curtains opened, a prologue to the Iron Blood Empress.

The Condor Country changed into now no longer close to to the Fire Country. These nations, had been one by one ranked because the to whendidrelease pmost and 2nd largest nations withinside the Lower Realm, their lands stretching over big expanses. When his eyes opened chapter 1208