when did computers come out

when did computers come out

when did computers come out:

The computer can store information and also process information. And also, the computer can use two variables relying on a binary system. The shapes and designs of computers are different. The physicist John Mauchly, engineer J, Presper Eckert Jr, and their university colleagues designed the very first designed programmable electronic digital computer during world war II.

When did the computer’s come out?

Charles Babbage 1822 creates the first computer. There is a listing of each computer when they introduce. German Konrad Zuse created it between 1963 and 1938 in his parent’s living room.

In 1943, the computing system was built by John Mauchly, a Presper Eckert at Moore School of Electrical Engineering.

Types of computer’s:

Now there are many types of computers present.

  • Mainframe computer’s
  • Supercomputer’s
  • Workstation computer’s
  • Personal computer’s
  • Apple Macintosh (Mac computers)
  • Laptop computer’s
  • Tablets and smartphones

The first computer company: when did computers come out

By J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly in 1949, the first company was founded, the first company was Electronic Control Company. Later the name of the company changed to EMCC or Eckert Mauchly Computer Corporation.

when did computers come out

when did computers come out

How many parts of a computer has? when did computer’s come out

5 parts, including the 5 parts in the computer system:

  • A motherboard
  • CPU: the central processing unit
  • GPU: the CPU is a processing unit this is known as a video card
  • RAM: the random access memory is known as volatile memory
  • SSD: SSD is storage or hardware.

IBM’s first computer:

IBM publicly introduced the 701 on April 7, 1953; it’s the first commercial, scientific computing.

First minicomputer: when did computer’s come out

The first minicomputers were PDP-1 in 1960.

Final Words:

In this article, I discussed when did computers come out and the official release date of computers.