When did computer science become a major yahoo answers

When did computer science become a major yahoo answers

When did computer science become a major yahoo answers In today`s economy, capacity personnel who understand a way to create and enhance software programs are fairly marketable, making the sector of pc technology more and more famous amongst the ones hoping to land a well-paying activity after graduation.

The subject of pc technology makes a specialty

the look software program systems and a diploma withinside the area permit a person to pursue a lot of careers. Contrary to what it can seem, the call for pc scientists isn’t always confined to positions in Silicon Valley-era businesses, in step with pc technology professors.

Instead, the growing use of era during the enterprise international method that businesses in lots of industries are hiring grads of pc technology programs.

“It’s a golden age proper now for pc technology, and we are very lucky on this subject,” says Salvatore Stolfo, a professor of pc technology at Columbia University in New York City. “For folks who look at pc technology of their education, it is a tremendous, tremendous time, and the sky’s the limit.”

An April employment forecast from the U.S. Bureau of Labor

Statistics internet site suggests that the variety of activity possibilities for pc technology grads is growing. According to the forecast, employment inside pc and records era occupations is predicted to grow with the aid of using 13% between 2016 and 2026, which is quicker than the common amongst all occupations.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics additionally indicates that a few careers not unusual place amongst pc technology diploma-holders often causes six-discern salaries. For instance, in May 2018, the median revenue amongst pc and records studies scientists was $118,370, and the median revenue amongst pc community architects was $109,020.

Software builders additionally normally acquired beneficiant paychecks: their median revenue in May 2018 was $105,590.

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Sam Davis-Hughson, the CEO and founding father of Byte with the aid of using Byte, employer that facilitates aspiring software program engineers put together for activity interviews at prestigious tech agencies like Amazon and Facebook, says folks

who lack an authentic hobby in era must now no longer pursue a pc technology diploma really due to the appeal of excessive salaries.

“I suppose that lots of human beings are doing it for the cash and now no longer doing it due to the fact they experience programming,” says Davis-Hughson, who earned a bachelor’s diploma in pc technology whendidreleasedate from Princeton University. When did computer science become a major yahoo answers