What time does game of thrones come on

What time does game of thrones come on

What time does game of thrones come on After a three-yr hiatus, we are headed returned to Westeros for an all-new prequel collection set withinside the global of Game of Thrones. House of the Dragon brings visitors returned to the reign of House Targaryen, 2 hundred years earlier than the occasions of the authentic

collection, whilst King Viserys Targaryen dominated over the Seven Kingdoms with the assist of 17 dragons.House of Dragon episode eight will debut on October nine. If you are questioning what it is approximately or how you may watch it yourself, check the facts underneath.

How to Watch House of the Dragon Online

The first 6 episodes of HotD are to be had to move on HBO Max proper now. Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon episode eight will arrive on October nine at nine p.m. ET, completely on HBO and HBO Max. Subsequent episodes can be launched every Sunday thru October 23.

House of the Dragon Episode Release Schedule

House of the Dragon`s first season may have ten episodes, every of if you want to run for more or less one hour. Season 1’s tentative agenda is as follows:

What’s House of the Dragon About?

Based on George R.R. Martin`s novel Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon is ready throughout the reign of the Targaryens, 2 hundred years earlier than the occasions of Game of Thrones. The display chronicles the later days of the dynasty, which include the Targaryen civil conflict, referred to as the Dance of the Dragons.

House of the Dragon will inform a greater targeted story than Game of Thrones— one much less involved with the sector politics of Westeros and greater at the strugglefare in the Targaryen family, which include the all-essential rely of succession.

This is a time throughout which the Targaryens managed 17 dragons and you may check our manual to all dragons in Game of Thrones for greater info.

House of the Dragon Theories, Explainers and More

We’ve were given a gaggle of theories, questions, and mind approximately House of the Dragon. You can locate underneath our cutting-edge explainers and greater approximately the display, however watch out for spoilers in those stories!

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon Cast

HBO’s House of the Dragon, a prequel to Game of Thrones, is primarily based totally on George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood and is ready 2 hundred years earlier than the occasions of Game of Thrones. Premiering on, with a 10-episode first season,

the collection will probable chronicle an essential occasion in Westerosi records – Aegon’s Conquest. That turned into the unfavorable conflict wherein Aegon Targaryen (later dubbed “Aegon the Conquerer”) waged conflict at the Seven

Rhaenyra is the king`s first-born child, she is of natural Valyrian blood, and he or she is a dragonrider. Many could say that Rhaenyra turned into born with everything… however she turned into now no longer born a man.

Daemon is the more youthful brother to King Viserys and inheritor to the throne. A peerless warrior and a dragonrider, Daemon possesses the genuine blood of the dragon. But it’s far stated that each time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin withinside the air…

Olivia Cooke and Rhys Ifans play Alicent and Otto Hightower.

Alicent is Otto’s daughter and the maximum comely lady withinside the Seven Kingdoms. She turned into raised withinside the Red Keep, near the king and his innermost circle; she possesses each a courtly grace and a eager political acumen.

Otto is the Hand of the King. See Otto loyally and faithfully serves each his king and his realm. As the Hand sees it, the best hazard to whendidrelease the area is the king’s brother, Daemon, and his function as inheritor to the throne. What time does game of thrones come on