What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy This movie can be visible as a alternatively mild supplying withinside the musical style of the early 50`s; however, it is been a favourite movie of mine due to the fact I first noticed it years ago. Virginia Mayo flickers as

Angela, a honest female who desires to attend university, however has to paintings in burlesque as “Hot Garters Gertie” to earn the money. Ronald Reagan is her professor, and thankfully, the movie is much less worried together

along with his profession woes (being surpassed over for promotions on the university, a contention with the soccer coach, etc.) than it’s far with the university youngsters and the musical numbers. Gene Nelson is good-looking and an incredible dancer

Patrice Wymore has the proper diploma of archness as “Poison Ivy”. The musical numbers are a variety of fun, especially “With Plenty of Money and You” (Virginia, clad in gold fringe, pulls out the stops for her burlesque variety),

“I’ll Still Be Loving You” (Virginia and Gene sing the lovely romantic variety in class), and the name song. It’s a movie I can revel in looking once more and once more.

Hail to the Chief

This is a shadeation musical remake of Warners’ classic “The Male Animal”. In this model, Henry Fonda is changed via way of means of everyone’s favored destiny President, Ronald Reagan. Reagan is once more forged as a university professor, after his wonderful overall performance in “Bedtime for Bonzo”.

Musical-comedy become sincerely now no longer Reagan’s robust point, however he isn’t always embarrassing in any respect on this splashy shadeation remake. And Bonzo is nowhere in sight. The “I’ll Be Loving You” variety, written via way of means of professional songwriters Vernon Duke

Sammy Cahn, is a standout. I locate it hilarious that Virginia Mayo’s making a song is dubbed via way of means of Bonnie Lou Williams, Gene Nelson’s making a song is finished via way of means of Hal Derwin, however the Pres sings his one line withinside the variety for himself.

I consider it’s far Reagan’s handiest overall performance in a complete manufacturing musical variety. Thank goodness he become now no longer requested to dance! Mayo and Nelson try this thoroughly on their personal. It is sudden that not one of the Duke-Cahn songs from this movie have become standards. Their songs on this movie, in addition to Warner’s “April in Paris” are first rate.

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

A stunning Virginia Mayo stars with a destiny U.S. President in a nice musical

She become constantly a beauty, however I become blown away via way of means of her on this movie. She’s exceptionally appropriate in Technicolor and he or she indicates off her dancing competencies on this starring function. (Her making a song become dubbed.)

Another exciting motive to peer this movie is to glimpse Ronald Reagan, the fortieth President of the United States, in his appearing days. Reagan had made dozens of different photographs earlier than this one, however this become my first enjoy seeing him in a film.

In this movie, Reagan performs a university professor who struggles to make ends meet. Mayo is a dancer who enrolls on the university to higher herself. Mayo’s reputation the various boys makes one co-ed jealous sufficient to dig up a few dust on her.


Aside from the musical numbers, the large distinction is that Ronald Reagan’s professor individual is in warm water for staging a musical starring an ex-burlesque dancer, whilst Henry Fonda’s professor become in hassle for studying a controversial (communist) letter in his literary lecture series.

I should say that universal I assume I select this remake. It does not hit the viewer over the pinnacle with a message, it is only a lighthearted campus tale. As I stated earlier than, Virginia Mayo is stunningly stunning in a function that become greater or much less created for this musical model.

And whilst Ronald Reagan isn’t always a top-shelf thespian, I assume I select his take at the professor individual to Henry Fonda’s pathetic wimp. I love Olivia de Havilland in maximum of her films, however her portrayal withinside the authentic model made her appear alternatively unlikeable as a spouse all-too-satisfied to peer her ex come into town.

(Mind you that I’m looking to take into account THE MALE ANIMAL from memory.) One factor I do prefer from the sooner movie is Jack whendidrelease Carson’s overall performance because the large shot, ex-jock (the function performed via way of means What did bonzo say when he saw the ivy

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