Osrs quest guide

Osrs quest guide

Osrs quest guide In my non-public opinion, Old School RuneScape has a number of the satisfactory loose-to-play quests to be had in any on line gaming world. The writing is excellent, the characters are funny, and they’re a awesome manner to get to discover the arena of RuneScape!

For this reason, I actually have prepare this Old School RuneScape Quest Guide to introduce you to a number of our favourite quests in OSRS.

The Knights Sword

The Knight`s Sword is a fan-favourite quest for some reasons. Firstly, it`s simply simple fun. You`re going to be walking a lot, and if you`re a low degree, you`ll need a few meals for speeding beyond Ice Warriors and Ice Giants.

Secondly, you could earn a bluerite sword, which isn’t a mainly sturdy weapon however it does appearance quite cool as loose to play objects move. The largest attraction of this quest, specifically for low-degree gamers,

To begin, head to the White Knight`s Castle and talk with the Squire, who will ship you to the Varrock Palace to talk in addition with Reldo. On the manner beyond the Grand Exchange, select out up a redberry pie, 4 iron bars, and a pickaxe (you`ll want those later.)

Reldo is at the north stop of the Varrock Palace, and he’ll let you know approximately the Imcando dwarf who’s positioned south of Port Sarim. Specifically, you`ll need to visit the south-westernmost

tip of the peninsula under Port Sarim in which you`ll locate Thurgo. Give the redberry pie to Thurgo and ask him approximately the knight`s sword. Then head again to Falador to talk with the Squire as soon as once more. We did let you know you`d be touring a lot!

Back in Falador, talk with the squire earlier than heading upstairs to Sir Vyvin`s room. You`ll want to look the cabinet in his room with out Sir Vivyn seeing you. This element is a chunk tricky,

attempt to have a chum to talk with him or truly seek the cabinet while he isn`t searching towards you. It would possibly take some tries, however as soon as you`re a success you could head again to Thurgo once more

If you`re a low degree, make certain you convey meals with you this time. You`ll possibly want it withinside the Ice Dungeon. After handing the image to Thurgo, input the Ice Dungeon and stroll till you notice snow.

Turn your run on and speedy collect blurite ores. Speak with Thurgo once more and he`ll make you a sword, drop this one and talk to him once more to get a 2d sword. Now you’ve got got one for you and one to go back to the squire. Speak with the Squire withinside the White Knight`s fort to finish your quest!

The Restless Ghost Osrs quest guide

This is some other all-time favourite of decrease degree gamers. For starters, it`s positioned proper in Lumbridge and plenty of human beings truly begin it through twist of fate as they begin exploring the sport from Lumbridge metropolis center.

Additionally, you`ll benefit 1,a hundred twenty five prayer enjoy for completion, which isn’t a horrific turnaround as compared to burying bones for most effective 4.five enjoy in step with bone!

Speak with the priest withinside the creepy chapel on the south stop of the town subsequent to the graveyard. He`ll let you know approximately the ghost haunting the graveyard and ship you to talk with Father Urnhey.

Just west of Lumbridge swamp you`ll locate the Father in a small shack, who will come up with an Amulet of Ghostspeak. Return to the graveyard and input the crypt withinside the south corner. Search the coffin and a ghost will seem who sends you to the Wizard`s Tower. This is positioned simply west of the residence you located Father Urnhey, south of Draynor.

In the basement of the Wizards Tower, you`ll seek the altar to discover a cranium. A skeleton will seem, however you don`t want to kill it. Just run again up the ladder, go back to the graveyard, and talk with the ghost once more. Use the cranium at the coffin and you`re completed! Immediate degree nine prayer.

Sheep Shearer Osrs quest guide

While this quest isn`t as appealing in phrases of rewards as the opposite , it’s miles one of the simplest quests to finish and calls for no combat. To the North of Lumbridge, on the northern stop of the western chook farm, you`ll locate Fred the Farmer. Fred desires 20 balls of wool.

We advocate you purchase the wool balls from the Grand Exchange or purchase them from the General Store in Lumbridge (which typically has them in stock.) If you`d like, you could shear sheep south of his residence and spin the wool on the spinning wheel on the second one ground of Lumbridge Castle. However you move approximately

Cook`s Assistant

This is some other clean one, possibly even simpler than the Sheep Shearer. All this is required of you is to convey him a pot of flour, an egg, and a bucket of milk. The delivered bonus is you`ll get to apply the Lumbridge Castle range, on the way to lessen the risk you burn meals irrespective of what you`re cooking.

Speak with the Cook withinside the Lumbridge Castle kitchen to begin the quest. If you got those objects on the Grand Exchange, you could then talk to him once more without delay with those objects on your stock and you`re completed.

If you need or want to head approximately obtaining those objects yourself, select out up the pot at the desk withinside whendidrelease the kitchen and get a bucket from the overall store. Milk a cow on the cow discipline east of the town  Osrs quest guide