How to find archive chat in telegram

How to find archive chat in telegram

How to find archive chat in telegram

How to find archive chat in telegram In Telegram — as with any instant-messaging apps — threads and conversations can pile up quick. But you don`t want to stare in any respect of your open chats on the primary display of the Android and iOS app. Instead, you could archive any communication you like, retaining your fundamental chats view applicable on your every day communications without having to delete any for properly.

The “Archived Chats” folder, at the same time as easy to set up, gives a huge quantity of functions to hold your chats view clean. You can archive and unarchive more than one threads at once; you could cover the folder itself from the primary display so that you by no means

want to look your archive; and you could make sure that archived threads do not reappear for your chat view whilst you get hold of a brand new message.

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To archive a unmarried communication, discover the chat on the primary “Telegram” (Android) or “Chats” (iOS) display. Next, on Android, long-swipe left at the thread till the discovered blue Archive button turns gray, then permit go.

On iOS, you could short-swipe left at the thread till you spot buttons for Mute, Delete, and Archive, then faucet the “Archive” button. Additionally, on iOS, you could long-swipe left at the thread till the Archive button covers the alternative buttons, then permit go.

Short-swipe vs long-swipe on iOS.

You do not want to swipe on every thread one at a time. If you recognize you want to archive more than one threads, on iOS, faucet “Edit” on the primary “Chats” display. On Android, long-press on a unmarried chat you need to archive from the “Telegram” display. Next, on both working system, choose every thread you want to record away, so they’re all checked. Finally, faucet “Archive” at the lowest of the display (iOS) or hit the Archive field icon withinside the pinnacle (Android).

Selecting and archiving more than one threads on iOS.

After you first archive a talk, a brand new “Archived Chats” folder seems on the pinnacle of your “Chats” or “Telegram” listing of conversations — faucet on that to view them all. On Android, you could want to swipe down at the listing to look it seem. For iOS, if it became a Secret Chat which you archived, the Archived Chats folder may not seem on the pinnacle of the listing yet — it simplest suggests up whilst you archive a normal cloud chat, however all the Secret Chats you archived formerly might be there whilst you do.

Use the quest bar (iOS) or magnifying glass (Android) to look for particular threads. You may even ship new messages in those threads at the same time as retaining them archived.

On iOS, the Archived Chats folder is pinned up pinnacle except you cover it.

If you mistakenly archived a thread or more than one threads on the identical time, there may be an “Undo” button that suggests up at the lowest of the display for a 2d or . Tap it to quick opposite the archived motion, bringing the entirety lower back on your inbox proper away.

When the Undo button disappears, or whilst making a decision to ship a communication you archived some time in the past lower back on your fundamental chats inbox, you could accomplish that from withinside the Archived Chats folder.

To unarchive a unmarried chat on Android, it is similar to archiving long-swipe left on it. For iOS, it is also similar to archiving — long-swipe left on it or short-swipe left and faucet “Unarchive.” Similarly, with regards to mass unarchiving,

faucet “Edit” (iOS) or long-press on a talk you need to unarchive (Android), take a look at the threads you need, then faucet “Unarchive” at the lowest (iOS) or the Unarchive field on the pinnacle (Android).

Hide the Archive Folder withinside the Chats Inbox

Not simplest are you able to cover undesirable threads withinside the Archived Chats folder, however you could additionally cover the Archived Chats folder itself. On Android, it is hidden through default whilst launching Telegram, and you could swipe up at the display or long-swipe left to cover it briefly. To unhide it, swipe down to expose the folder once more.

Temporarily hiding the Archived Chats folder on Android.

On iOS, Archived Chats is usually pinned up pinnacle except you manually cover it. Short-swipe left at the folder to expose the “Hide” button, then faucet it. Alternatively, long-swipe left on it to cover it proper away. Now, you could pull down at the inbox listing to unhide it, in addition to pull up at the listing to briefly cover it. After a force-near and relaunch of Telegram, the folder is hidden. To pin it lower back to the pinnacle, unhide it, then long-swipe left at the folder once more or short-swipe left on it and faucet “Pin.”

Keep Threads Archived for Good

You can archive a talk, however it may not live there for long. By default, Telegram will unarchive a talk in case you get hold of a brand new message in it. If you recognize which you need to hold a communication archived for an prolonged time, you will want to mute notifications on it. To do this, open the thread out of your Archived Chats folder.

On iOS, faucet the chat image withinside the pinnacle proper, then faucet “Notifications.” While you could faucet the confined mute alternatives that seem whendidreleasedate withinside the motion sheet, like “Mute for 1 hour” or “Mute for two days,” the simplest alternative in an effort to hold this thread for your archive folder for properly is “Disable,” so How to find archive chat in telegram

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