How to eat a dragon fruit

How to eat a dragon fruit

How to eat a dragon fruit Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that has turn out to be more and more more famous in latest years.Though human beings often experience it for its specific appearance and flavor, proof shows it could offer fitness blessings as well.

This article takes a have a take a observe dragon fruit, together with its nutrients, blessings, and a way to consume it.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit grows at the Hylocereus cactus, additionally referred to as the Honolulu queen, whose vegetation best open at night.The plant is local to southern Mexico and Central America. Today, it’s miles grown all around the world.

It is going with the aid of using many names, together with pitaya, pitahaya, and strawberry pear.The maximum not unusualplace sorts have shiny purple pores and skin with inexperienced scales that resemble a dragon — therefore the name.

The maximum extensively to be had range has white pulp with black seeds, aleven though a much less not unusualplace kind with purple pulp and black seeds exists as well.Another range — known as yellow dragon fruit — has yellow pores and skin and white pulp with black seeds.

Dragon fruit can also additionally appearance exotic, however its flavors are just like different end result. Its flavor has been defined as a barely candy go among a kiwi and a pear.

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit local to Mexico and Central America. Its flavor is sort of a aggregate of a kiwi and a pear.

Nutrition Facts

Dragon fruit includes small quantities of numerous nutrients. It`s additionally a first rate supply of iron, magnesium, and fiber.Here are the nutrients records for a serving of three.five ounces, or one hundred grams (1Trusted Source):

Given the excessive quantity of fiber and magnesium, in addition to the extraordinarily low calorie content, dragon fruit may be taken into consideration a enormously nutrient-dense fruit.Dragon fruit is a low-calorie fruit this is excessive in fiber and presents an excellent quantity of numerous nutrients and minerals.

Provides Several Antioxidants

Dragon fruit includes numerous varieties of antioxidants.These are compounds that shield your cells from volatile molecules known as unfastened radicals, that are related to continual illnesses and aging (2Trusted Source).

These are a number of the principle antioxidants contained in dragon fruit pulp (3Trusted Source):


Found withinside the pulp of purple dragon fruit, those deep purple pigments had been proven to shield “bad” LDL ldl cholesterol from turning into oxidized or damaged (4Trusted Source).
Hydroxycinnamates: This organization of compounds has verified anticancer hobby in test-tube and animal research (5Trusted Source).


This large, various organization of antioxidants is related to higher mind fitness and a discounted danger of coronary heart disease (6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source, 8Trusted Source).
One have a take a observe as compared the antioxidant residences of 17 tropical end result and berries.

While dragon fruit`s antioxidant ability turned into now no longer mainly excessive, it turned into determined to be satisfactory at defensive sure fatty acids from unfastened radical damage (9Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source).

Dragon fruit includes numerous antioxidants that shield your cells from damage. These encompass betalains, hydroxycinnamates, and flavonoids.

Potential Health Benefits

Animal research advise that dragon fruit can also additionally offer diverse fitness blessings.Many of those are possibly because of its fiber and antioxidant content.

Both purple and white forms of dragon fruit had been proven to lessen insulin resistance and fatty liver in overweight mice (11Trusted Source, 12Trusted Source, 13Trusted Source).

In one have a take a observe, mice on a excessive-fats eating regimen who obtained an extract of the fruit received much less weight and had discounts in liver fats, insulin resistance, and inflammation, which had been attributed in component to useful adjustments in intestine micro organism (13Trusted Source).

Dragon fruit includes prebiotic fiber that promotes the increase of useful micro organism for your intestine — doubtlessly enhancing metabolic fitness (14).

Although this fruit can also additionally enhance sure functions of metabolic syndrome — a circumstance related to kind 2 diabetes — now no longer all outcomes can be favorable.

In a have a take a observe in mice on a excessive-fats, excessive-carb eating regimen, the organization that obtained dragon fruit juice had higher blood sugar responses and discounts in a few liver enzyme markers, whilst any other liver enzyme marker substantially increased (15Trusted Source).

In any other have a take a observe, rats with diabetes handled with an extract from the fruit had a 35% discount in malondialdehyde, a marker of unfastened-radical damage. They additionally had much less arterial stiffness, as compared to the manipulate organization (16Trusted Source).

Study outcomes at the outcomes of dragon fruit on kind 2 diabetes in human beings are inconsistent, and extra studies is wanted to verify those useful outcomes (17Trusted Source).

Animal research advise that dragon fruit can also additionally enhance insulin resistance, liver fats, and coronary heart fitness. However, the outcomes of human research are inconsistent.

Adverse Effects

Overall, dragon fruit seems to be safe. However, human beings can also additionally broaden an hypersensitive reaction in a few uncommon instances.

In instances, ladies with out a records of meals allergic reactions advanced anaphylactic reactions after ingesting a fruit aggregate that contained dragon fruit. Testing showed that that they’d antibodies in opposition to dragon fruit of their blood (18Trusted Source, 19).

These are the best mentioned allergies whendidrelease at this point, however different human beings can be allergic to this fruit with out understanding it. How to eat a dragon fruit