How to access freeaire cooler controller

How to access freeaire cooler controller

How to access freeaire cooler controller The coronary heart of the Freeaire® refrigeration machine is its patented digital Cooler Controller™. This pc is capable of creating the most performance via way of means of running every factor of the traditional refrigeration machine most effectively as a good deal as is essential to supply the favored temperature.

This unit may be used globally and in any weather. It`s the PC’s activity to make certain all power is getting used successfully and effectively. No factor is authorized to run unnecessarily which saves cash and the environment.


Freeaire® is aiming to be a part of the answer to our worldwide weather extrude and immoderate use of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels is the main contributor to smog and different nasties that plague the air we breathe.

Refrigeration and cooling account for a completely enormous percentage of industrial and retail power consumption. For each kilowatt hour stored, two times that may be stored in CO2 from being emitted into our environment.

Freeaire®`s brainiac pc is capable of running your industrial refrigeration system at its utmost performance and thereby preventing cash and storing the immoderate use of fossil fuels. Seems like a win-win.


We are maximumly intrigued via way of means of the Freeaire® Polar Power™ package. In climates that are seasonally tundra-like, it permits for using fresh, clearly produced bloodless doors air. Utilizing seasonably bloodless air is a renewable supply of power, similar to the harnessing of wind and sun power. This is this type of fee powerful and environmentally pleasant manner to apply our herbal resources!

The Freeaire® machine is “suitable for coolers and freezers for meals warehouses, meals processors, grocery and comfort stores, eating place chains and more, Freeaire® promises green, sustainable refrigeration with most power savings.”

Tips and hints for Freeaire Cooler Controller

One of the fine matters approximately the Freeaire Cooler Controller is that it`s very versatile. You can use it to govern each of your air conditioners and your heater, making it an exceptional all-in-one answer for temperature manipulation in your home.

Here are some pointers on a way to get the maximum from your Freeaire Cooler Controller

1. Use the scheduling function to store power:

One exceptional manner to store power together with your Freeaire Cooler Controller is to apply the scheduling function.

This permits you to set unique instances for whilst your air conditioner or heater will switch on and off.

In this manner, you may make certain that your unit is most effective at jogging whilst you want it, which can prevent loads of cash for your power bill.

2. Take benefit of the raised feature:

The raised feature at the Freeaire Cooler Controller is an exceptional manner to fast cool whendidreleasedate or warm up your home. How to access freeaire cooler controller